Thursday, October 6, 2022

Motorcyclist Hospitalised After Sarrot Accident

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Emergency personnel transported a twenty-six-year-old male motorcyclist to the OKEU Hospital on Christmas Day after his bike collided with a pickup truck at Sarrot, Bexon.

According to responders, the collision occurred about 10:20 am, resulting in abrasions to the victim’s right upper and lower extremities.

The responders said the occupant of the pickup was unharmed.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Have most of these young men on motorbikes/scooters taken a preventative/safety riding course? At the rate they are going, it seems obvious that they have NO IDEA how to conduct themselves on the roadways. First of all, ALL vehicles are LEGAL LETHAL WEAPONS. which have to be used with due care and attention. Secondly, how many of these riders are licenced and/or insured to ride. I have witnessed erratic riding, riding without a helmet, riding without mufflers/silencers, useless speeding and lots of other “un-biker” acts. Motor car drivers are also in the mix.

    This dilemma needs to be taken seriously in hand – by the police, the insurance companies and the ministry responsible for transport.

  2. Our hazard lights are always on. Therefore, other motorists don’t know whether we are going left or right. That is really foolish on our part. We need to stop that practice with immediate effect.

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