Motorcyclist Injured In Dennery Accident

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Emergency personnel say they rushed a motorcyclist to the Dennery Policlinic Saturday morning after a collision with a car on the Grande Riviere bridge.

The injured man was later transferred to the OKWU hospital in stable condition.

Screen grab from video on social media

According to the emergency personnel, the Dennery Fire Station responded about 9.17 am and upon arrival on the scene, discovered that the motorcyclist was the only one who was seriously injured.

They disclosed that his injuries included ‘fractures to the extremities’ and multiple abrasions.

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A video on social media showed the injured man lying face down on the ground. His motorcycle was a short distance from where he was .

“I see the youth take the corner e garcon,” a male individual can be heard saying on the video recording which appeared on social media.

“When I see the youth taking the (expletive) corner I deh saying ‘But garcon, how dah man shaking in the corner so e?’ Check the rim mash up in pieces,” the man states.

The male declares that he saw the motorcyclist approaching and wondered whether the rider was aware that he was approaching a corner.

“I say ‘How the man take the corner so doggie?” He states.

“And check all where the car move to try and avoid dah man!”

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