Motorcyclist Succumbs After Dennery Accident

A motorcyclist is dead following an accident Tuesday morning at Grand Riviere, Dennery, police have reported.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service said it was notified about the accident about 9:05

According to the Fire Service, the man’s motorcycle appears to have run off the road and hit a utility pole.

Emergency officials told St Lucia Times that the young motorcyclist was assessed on the scene and was deemed to have ‘negative vitals.’

The name of the deceased was not immediately available.

A photograph posted on social media showed a young male wearing a white sleeveless vest on the ground.

There is a pool of blood by his head.



  1. Dwight the first thought that rushed through my head when i saw your pic was did you make amends with your creator..Did you get the chance to accept Christ as your lord and personal savior. So sad.

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