Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Motorcyclist Unresponsive After Marisule Accident

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A male motorcyclist was unresponsive Sunday afternoon after an accident at Marisule Sunday afternoon, the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) says.

The Gros Islet fire station responded about 2:07 pm after two motorcycles collided while travelling in the same direction, and one of the riders lost control.

Reports indicate that he hit a pole and sustained severe injuries.

Emergency responders said that the victim had no pulse when they arrived on the scene.

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There are no further details at this time.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video

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Editorial Staff
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  1. i dont want to sound harsh cause some one lost their life due to their stupidity but these so called bike man dont have no riding etiquette they always think they own the road revving the engines especially in town as if to say give me room and the thing I hate most is when they have no reason to have their hazards on, its like they dont even know the meaning of why they have hazard lights and they always in a rush and honestly i don’t have no respect for any bike man that rides dangerously on the road cause you are also a hazard to me and others the way you ride.

    There was an instance in front of First Caribbean International bank on the one way street that is going towards Bank of Saint Lucia on bridge street I noticed a car stop in traffic and there was a guy on a bike approaching the car from behind and something happened forcing the biker to stop next to the car on the passenger side revving (keep in mind its a one way) the car moved forward going on his way and the guy on the bike got so upset that he didnt get to pass he started yelling and cursing at the driver “oh wam to you uh you dont have no respect for a bike man” and all kind of shate like he was ready to beat the driver and I stood there watching and am like aa you doing your things wrong and want t be upset and strong about it again.

  2. A lot of these riders in Saint Lucia can’t ride. They learn to ride off the street, they have no formal training. These guys don’t know a thing about safety.

    A lot of the times learning to ride on big bikes like 600s ; which they can’t control at top speed and end up up dying on the streets like crash dummies.

    Ironically the call them selves ghost riders.

  3. congratulations to you “MR POULE FOO” on this so well written poem.i absolutely love the wording,the rhyming pattern as well.this poem truly gives an accurate analysis of the bike life in st lucia.i suggest you get a local nobel prize for this well penned piece!

  4. The narrow and winding roads in st lucia is not conducive for fast riding by bikers the traffic department needs to put measures in place and speed limits for the bikers

  5. Not surprised I saw the madness that was taking place earlier during the day with some of the bikers who were heading up north when will they learn. Rip.

    Oh! Mercilessly they rode the narrow streets.
    Their throaty mufflers warning of impending meets.
    Some use slippers and caps for protection.
    Who is to say what would happen if there were a collision.

    Brave, witless souls, seeking a rendezvous with the reaper.
    No one knows if he will answer their just calls and be their keeper.
    Alas! Loved ones, thy love forsook thee for the thrill of speed.
    Her intoxication was more powerful indeed.
    As life ebbs away on the asphalt roads.
    Phone cameras are ready for the next uploads.
    There are always cyclists in the waiting.
    Such is the need for something exhilarating.
    Farewell! Life on earth was fleeting.
    As you chose an exit that was not befitting.

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