Mottley Says Consequences Of Airline Gun Incident ‘Grave And Great’

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Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley has requested an urgent report on a recent incident where a man with a loaded gun boarded a commercial flight on the Island and flew to Miami, asserting that the consequences for her country are ‘grave and great.’

The incident has attracted widespread coverage in the U.S. media.

And Mottley told reporters in Barbados that she has requested an urgent report which she expects to receive very soon.

“Somebody or bodies will be held accountable,” the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) quoted her as saying.

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According to the BGIS, Mottley said the notion that people can do things that are in breach of the law or acceptable standards and get away with impunity is not going to stand.

United States authorities reported that an 83-year-old passenger boarded an American Airlines flight in Barbados last month with a loaded Ruger revolver in his pants pocket, then flew to Miami.

Media reports identified the passenger as Cameron Hinds from the Barbados capital, Bridgetown.

Authorities said he landed at Miami International Airport and sent his briefcase through a security screening ahead of his connecting flight to Orlando.

But a Transport Security Administration (TSA) X-ray operator discovered the .32-caliber weapon, loaded with five rounds, in the black case.

As a result, Miami-Dade police arrested Hinds and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon. But officials would not say whether the incident resulted from a mistake or constituted a deliberate threat.

However, U.S. media said a TSA team would travel to Barbados to assist the Island to improve security.

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  1. I guess Barbados was too busy celebrating their new status as a Republic to be mindful of anything else. They were too busy celebrating their feat of kicking out the Queen in the presence of the king-in-waiting, Prince Charles, while also gallivanting among themselves over their newly crowned Ambassador Extraordinaire and National Hero – Rihanna Fenty! Bajans were distracted! That’s why the fellow could board an American Airline with a loaded gun! I get the chills thinking of all the things that could have happened on board that flight from Bridgetown to Miami!

  2. lol people are now blaming the Prime Minister of Barbados for a mishap that happen at their airport. You people look at Politicians as gods or something? Seriously, when somebody gets the wrong order at Chefette it’s her faults as well?

  3. Mia Mortley is one of the best PM ever, she speaks expertise very well,, maybe she can teach our PM a thing or two when it comes to the English Language, just saying I only wish wish wish that St Lucia PM had as much “balls” as she has!! dumb ass!!

  4. @ shame on you, you idiot, how you come upon that it might be a lucian? The only lucian I can think of doing such a thing is you, you jack@$$

  5. @Shame on you don’t even entertain the Jackass bad mind is just that bad mind . Let them kiss the Queen’s ass all their adult life; these people love ” Mass” they will never overcome. There was a breakdown in security that should never happen……and of course American Media will take this to tear down a black country who just tell their slave master chu ma mow. Look how many millions travel to the US from Barbados yearly without incidents.

  6. @ shame its a shame on you to think bajans are innocent of their nasty behavior . move on this guy who did this is not a Islamic terrorist he’s just a local guy to show how loose our system are even tho we have a a so called security system in place

  7. I guess Mia Mortley was busy removing queen, doing stupid nonsense that accomplishes nothing and change not a thing except in name only. typical caribbean leader. devoid of ideas for any development, they go for name change. now a bajan almost blow up a plane with several live rounds in his pocket. those leaders are selling the caribbean to the dogs. we in st lucia have a bag of criminals including Baron and Queen He Liar. Bajans have a woman busy speaking and doing BS. Antigua have black Hitler. Our population gone and dumb to be putting up with them jokers in government!

  8. Only when such incidents attract international media coverage authorities act and hold someone accountable. Many get away by breaching the laws and do not carry their role seriously. Happy to hear that you not stand for these things.

  9. It’s because y’all are so busy checking for drugs. Drugs is the biggest threat for yall. That’s why a man can walk through with a gun in his pocket. Clowns

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