Mottley Wins Second Term As Ruling Party Sweeps Barbados General Election

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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – Barbadian voters bought into the philosophy that they are “safer with Mia” wholesale and re-elected the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) into government with a consecutive clean sweep of the 30 seats in Parliament.

Preliminary results showed that the BLP had won all the seats in the election that Prime Minister Mia Mottley called 18 months ahead of the constitutional deadline and in the process allowed the party to become only the second political organisation in the Caribbean  to sweep all the seats in an election on consecutive occasions.

The other time that has been achieved was in Grenada when Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell led his New National Party (NNP) in winning all 15 seats in 2018.

Mottley made it seven out of eight victories in the St Michael North East constituency, easily defeating the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate, Damien Griffith by a margin of 3216 to 476. Roy Turney of the BFP polled 48 votes.

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  1. Mia Mottley has demonstrated that courage, sincerity, fearlessness and devotion can keep you in power . Blatant lies, gutlessness, corruption and crookry are enimies of the people.

  2. Mia is a smart woman and she plays the game well. Barbadians are smart too. You must understand the message that is given to you to swallow before you run with anything. In a pandemic like this how would PJP give St Lucia all what he had promised? $1500 to affected workers, paying back tax returns within 100 days office , those getting $4000 or less would not pay tax. All these were nice to hear but to me this would be impossible to achieve when funds were running low. But hey! some Lucians drink this and vote a new party in plus they listen to propaganda. Well it s what it is. Suffer my people cause it will not get any better with a new government especially in a pandemic and with limited resources and high accumulated debts.

  3. As much as it was a big chance taken by Motley, I was in agreement with her on that move. She already new she had the support of the majority of Barbadians but needed to confirm/solidify that level of support to send a strong message to her detractors and silence the whole issue of good leadership.

    PJP you can probably do the same, call a snap election to confirm St. Lucians’ support for you and solidify your position as PM.

    Take that chance PJ Pierre, you’ll have do doubt the people love you as their PM.

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