Wednesday, August 10, 2022

MOU Signed Between Saint Lucia And Taiwan Nurses Association

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The Saint Lucia Nurses Association (SLNA) and the Taiwan Nurses Association have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance nursing education and professional training partnership.

SLNA President Alicia Baptiste told the signing ceremony that the agreement would also facilitate participation in international conferences, seminars, workshops, training programmes, and other capacity-building initiatives.

“The Saint Lucia Nurses Association is indeed thankful for this collaboration and looks forward to a beneficial relationship benefitting our nurses and by extension the people of Saint Lucia,” Baptiste stated.

Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste said the need for training nurses was critical now.

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He observed that the Caribbean, like many other regions, continues to experience a nursing brain drain as qualified nurses migrate to pursue better opportunities.

“This continues to put pressure on our health care system,” the Minister noted.

But he said he believes training and retraining nurses can assist by helping to promote job satisfaction.

“They have a sense of job satisfaction and it also helps them with their self-actualisation, and hopefully they will remain even though we will obviously have to find some more money to pay them,” Jn Baptiste explained to laughter from his audience.

For his part, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia Peter Chen noted that even before the MOU signing, the SLNA and its Taiwan counterpart had achieved substantial cooperation.

He disclosed that two Saint Lucian nurses would visit Taiwan in July this year to attend a leadership for change programme sponsored by the Taiwan Nurses Association.

The Taiwanese diplomat expressed that the event will equip the local nurses with knowledge about improving practices in Saint Lucia’s health care sector.

“All of this is happening because our countries recognise the important role that good heallth care plays in shaping society,” he stated.



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  1. I hope that all nurses will qualify for these opportunities and not just the friends and family of the president. I also hope that the persons being chosen are not those nearing retirement nor those who are being always being chosen to be trained. It makes no sense training one person for multiple things whilst some persons receive no training at all. If t

  2. This like every agreement will result in the Taiwanese giving money , grant or goods to St . Lucia …. Then the people continue to show how much they hate foreigners …coco 🐀

  3. Does it make sense to to give one a ten year loan who has a two year contract? Please put the Nurses permanent. Thank you.

  4. I hope there is no understanding that nursing are to be sent to help in time of war when China invades….🤔😅

  5. Choose a nurse from both hospitals. One a leader can identify to effect change on the floor. Definitely not you Alicia. You are already retired. Take a seat. Neither of your counterparts too.

  6. Oh please this is just an excuse for “away jollies” for some concerned. They don’t need leadership training they need medical training. How to work without carrying their mobiles around and using them whilst working but most of all they need equipment to work with once trained.

  7. That is certainly not a retention strategy. Nurses are migrating now are an alarming rate simply because they were placed on a contract under the okeu board. Nurses presently can not get items on credit at stores. Therefore, you can just imagine what will happen when Nurses face the bank to buy land.

  8. Thank you Tawain, those 2 individuals will come back an teach it to 200 people hopefully!
    Young People, get into nursing!
    There are plenty of opportunities in that field for male and female. There are Masculine jobs in nursing industry, there are always sick people on every level, mental health care! Come on now, you are the future! Check out what’s goin on now in STLU….Smph

    • Well if they continue to short pay nurses intentionally, believe they are miracle workers, with limited resources both humans ( little to no auxiliary staff) and machines, what do you expect. nurses go on and get your better life tan. Nonsense. Who knows it feels it.

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