Mourning Rastafarian family vows not to vacate CDC apartment

A well known Rastafarian family of La Clery has made it clear that they will not vacate the CDC apartment that they are currently occupying, despite notices issued by the authorities for occupants to leave.

The family has lived there for decades.

Rafael Charlemange, whose son, Tafari George Charlemange, died by suspected electrocution on Tuesday, made the family’s position clear in an interview with St Lucia Times.

Deceased – Tafari Charlemange)

Family members said Tafari was building a shack to move into, in the event that the authorities came to evict him from one of the apartments that he had reoccupied after the original occupants left, when tragedy struck.

“What really caused the vibes to happen  is the same stampede – just a confusion where the powers that be just call for the removal of dwellings and people – I think that is what caused, not only him, but every other body around there to move into trying to establish a place for themselves,” Rafael Charlemange explained.

He asserted that it was a ‘very inhumane’ situation for which no one was taking responsibility.

“They call for their houses – they didn’t build any. We know how the houses were established. There is nothing more we can do – just to see about our son now,” Charlemange disclosed.

He explained that it was very hard to lose a son so quickly.

The deceased, Tafari Charlemange was a well known footballer who represented Saint Lucia in football.

According to family members, one of the ‘brothers’ gave him an electrical extension wire to power a saw to cut wood to build a shack to live in.

Tafari is believed to have slipped on some tiles while holding the live wire, resulting in him receiving a fatal electrical shock.

The body was discovered by his mother, Marilyn Martin.

His father, Rafael, called on the ‘powers that be’ to ‘stop the onslaught’ that is taking place in La Clery.

“I am not going to move – we not defying nothing. There is no defying in that. It is just that. Everybody knows from whence we came – it is about our blackness. We have a history that everybody knows about. It is well documented. We are living history. It is that we have been living there for the past 500 years. We have been on the estate for the past 500 years,” he declared.

“It is not about defying. It is about living and giving us what is ours. It has been over 60 years. It is due to us – by law,” Rafael Charlemange told St Lucia Times.






    • “Shylove” ALL that THE GOVERNMENT owns is property of the People of St Lucia.

      For the GOVERNMENT is the people.

      How does GOVERNMENT acquire finances to make purchases! 1. Through the TAXES we the people pay. 2. Through loans from Financial Institutions, friendly Governments etc.

      How are these loans paid off – through the TAXES we the people pay.

      So, off course yes the GOVERNMENTS property is OURS.

  2. Safety first. Guess there was no RCD in line with the source of the power which could be a lack of enforcement scenario. A tragic loss. My condolences to his family.

  3. The cdc is not urll home it belongs to the government so it is time for u guys to live the place has no current n it’s not good environment for u guys ur kids or grand kids

  4. An asbestos filled place is your home? Open your eyes Ras, go screen yourself for all types of cancer and you will feel the pain! Get out of this misery and free yourself from this cancerous ( be it asbestos, ganja, crack, bad mind, filthy ) mess.Guidance ! !!

  5. Sometimes a bit of pressure is necessary for growth, for movement and change. It’s not all the time we should take situations negatively.the place sounds like its in a deplorable condition.,old structure with no current. Perhaps rather than rely on this old government building,the family can work together to purchase land and build a better, safer structure or structures

  6. You’ll people who made those comments are too heartless the people are mourning and that’s all you have to say government don’t have land that’s God’s land

  7. First we need to drive Chastanet from the landscape of st lucia butch Stewart and the du boulay family and all white people and create a black nation the people of grace and the south will pay a heavy price for having Chastanet to build a horse racing track we need a revolution in st lucia or we will all suffer the Labour Party is very weak so we need to mobilize to drive thoes secret society devils from st lucia

  8. But brother man if the place is detiorating get out it’s best for your health ask the gorvnment land and take the 10’000.00 $take a loan on it and build a nice home ,its time to accept change it had to take a life done allowed a 2and life to be taken, rastaman do the right thing if you love your family,

  9. This is a sad situation but not the governments fault. These apartments are not safe sanitary or a good environment. It’s time to move ppl. And as a family work together to save and build a home of ur own. We all have to do it Government does not owe U to let u stay in that place. In fact u admit that u just started living there without permission. I guess Rasta believe all land is ther land but in the real world it’s not. Find a spot in the hills if u like then. Sorry for ur loss but that does not mean u are deserving of squatting. Find gainful employment like the rest of us.

  10. Before These People Son Passed Away. They Were Already Protesting That They Wont Moving .. So Dont Make It Look As If Your Son Passed Away You Not Moving .. If Your Son Wasn’t Stealing The People Current Your Son Would Still Be Alive. Sad To Be You People ! Smh..

  11. According to family members, one of the ‘brothers’ gave him an electrical extension wire to power a saw to cut wood to build a shack to live in.

    Tafari is believed to have slipped on some tiles while holding the live wire, resulting in him receiving a fatal electrical shock.
    Good extension cords are insulated. they come with a plug and an outlet
    the plug is connected to the power source the saw is plugged into the other end of the cord where the outlet is located
    how the hell he got in contact with the live wire .. that is to say what he was doing was against the safety regulations seems like what he was using was a make up extension cord
    sorry for your lost bro
    another thing government do not owe you any lands or shelter ..the was you make your bed thats how you sleep case close

    aa i should go take some lands tooooooooooo

  12. Rastas sorry for your loss and may your son rest in peace.

    If DI GOVERNMENT evicted you’ll but never got LUCELEC to condemn cut off all power to the property on the same day of eviction.

    Then I smell a winnable law suite.

    If that was the case then either the Government and or LUCELEC have neglected to make the property save by leaving the power connected.

    Some may say well an eviction was made the young man was trespassing and had no right too.

    However if LUCELEC or the Ministry/Government didn’t carry our they Statutory Obligations to make the property safe then you the claimant (if you decide to legal action) has an extremely good chance of winning the case.

  13. May your son sleep in peace. This is tragic and sad, but you that age and u have a madam and kids. What have you done all your life. A man must provide a home for his family. All this time you living in a place that is not yours and you want to call Government bad, seriously. Man get out cause its not yours to begin with , with the jiberish you speaking of being there for 500 years. Its apparent the marijuana fuck up ur mind.
    Im so sick of dumb ass lucians blaming government for all that happen.

  14. This family moved into the CDC almost 70years ago. By right all the original families should have been given their home and money to fix it up. It is very sad what government is doing to these people. The squatters in the back of the CDC have more rights than the tenants. They should have done PROUD with these people instead of evictions. Both parties are at fault .

  15. Sometimes I wonder what the hell is going on in St. Lucia? This island was once regarded as a land of intellectuals producing two Nobel Laureates and several other awarding winning sons and daughters. Today St. Lucia has become a land of chaos, confusion and hopelessness. Sad tragedy for the family. My condolences and may Jah guide and bless you!

  16. The residents should form a housing association, and ask the government to transfer the property to them. They can then work collaboratively with say a credit union to develop affordable housing.

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