MP Saddened By Recent Violence Impacting Soufriere Youth

The MP for Soufriere-Fond St Jacques says he is saddened by recent violence impacting Soufriere youth.

Herold Stanislas, who is also Minister for Physical Planning, expressed the sentiments in a statement Monday.

The following  is the statement:

As Member of Parliament for Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques I call upon our youth all over, particularly the youth of Soufriere, to focus their energies on peaceful means of resolving their differences.

We all know that nothing good ever comes out of violent behaviour and that the recent episodes of ferocious sparks of ruthlessness recently experienced in Soufriere, does not represent the general peace-loving people of our community, especially the youth.

Together we have begun the transformation of our beloved town of Soufriere, to bring about social and economic benefits to all. The gains we have made as a proud people can only be sustained as we continue to work in love and unity with each other, respecting each other’s views, even if we disagree with them.

I have every confidence and faith in our youth of Soufriere and elsewhere in this nation. They are passionate, positive and excited about forging and building a bright future. One that is based on growth and harnessing the opportunities and possibilities to expand their horizons through meaningful participation and engagement.

We know that the evil that accompanies violence has permanent and painful effects which can and must be avoided with understanding, respect for each other’s difference in our exercise of peace as a loving people.

I am saddened by the recent incidents which led to the injury of two young men in the community and extend my deepest sympathy to the family of these individuals, and hope for the quick restoration of their health and wellbeing.

As a government focused on people’s development, our programmes and policies are focused and geared to build resilience and provide alternatives to harmful and risk-taking behaviours that may lead to violence.

I urge our youth to stay positive, confident and to exhibit and demonstrate their passionate intensity in cordial and peaceful ways. May God continue to guide and bless our town and our nation. 


  1. This one is a verygood preacher! ! one term in office and already……………………….i will not blame you; but don’t blame the youth!

  2. Even in the best of time (whenever that was) the youths up there had nothing to do. Most were still unemployed even with 5 start hotels over looking them. Not even a decent library, job training center, I have said this a million times Soufriere is the birth place of St Lucia’s and that town should have been the best kept out all our towns. Instead of these politicians who have used the town as a spring board to aspire to higher office and sell out not one had the initiative to approach ownership and management of any of these high end hotels to adopt anything in the town. The police station needs fixing up government had to find the money, water front need upgrade tax payers money, town square and hospital tax payers monies not even a Styrofoam bus shelter they would provide for the town maybe they would but was never ask; I am not saying the should flip the bill for everything but the very least contribute to some enhance fund for the town after all they have a vested interest and a it’s good neighbor PR for them. I am not squarely blaming the youths there is nothing there for them to do except the soccer field

  3. This guy comes across as a nice guy but he is a con artist just like his boss Chastanet. This guy has never participated in any youth activities or youth development growing up, so he would not understand anything about what young people want. He allowed his boss Chastanet to bring a white retard like himself to con peope into transforming the field into an astro turf which is the most ludicrous idea. Soufriere which is a dorminant community in cricket and other sports discipline will lose out on a number of sporting events in the process, SO WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THE YOUTH TO DO? This guy is also part of the problem, for years it is common knowledge that he still has relationships with all his 3 baby mothers simultaneously (he sleeps by all of them, take them on holiday, shopping etc openly in the community). NOW TELL ME WHAT EXAMPLE IS THIS FOR A COMMUNITY LEADER. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he is nothing but a con artist and opportunist like guy and Chastanet. He has bankrupted the foundation, like Chastanet does to NIC he does to the foundation and people have praised him for working but I ask at what expense? He is void of ideas and has not attracted any kind of grant or investment, everything is foundation. Also, taking credit on works Dalson started etc. This guy has a bunch of young unruly and degenerate party guy mobilising the youth whilst he stays quiet and people thinks he a gentle soul. To the people of Soufriere I say get rid of this degenrate as he is setting a bad example for our children and promoting theft and all sort of malice in the foundation. Our youth deserves better not a bad example to this magnitude, St. Lucia don’t trust this guy, we cannot tolerate open bad morality for our children, St. Lucia will only get worse. It IS HIGH TIME st. LUCIA KNOW WHO THIS HEROD CHARACTER REALLY IS.

  4. Well, that’s a result of the barely literate Parliamentary representation. Give the youth opportunities they will thrive, feed them BS and empty promises like you’ll have been then papishow like this will occur.

  5. There are plans to build a Community Center in Soufriere which will help mitigate some of our problems. I look forward to working with Hon. Herod, elected Government, business entities and the people of St. Lucia to bring such to Life.

    • How will a community centre help mitigate some of the problems? What about this building that will solve some of the social and economical issues that has plagued this community for decades?

  6. SLP candidates Francois and Dalsan were Soufriere MP for 20 years.They barely did any thing to improve and develop Soufriere/Fond St.Jaques.Within 4 years Herod transformed it . YOU bias and blind persons check his facebook page and tour the district to get informed of his achievements.

  7. I would say Herod is the best district rep. that Soufriere ever had.His work can be seen all over the district and in less than 5 years.This young man has done what he promised in his campaign.Compare his performance with Kenny and Pierre who represent their constituencies for over 20 years.Does VFort have a nice spacious farmers market? No. A nice comfortable bus terminal? No. A beautiful beach park? No. Now what has Pierre done in over 20 years in Casries East?

    • Can you justify the ludicrous arguments that you are raising here and substantiate it with credible evidence. Firstly, this individual has not brought in anything new. Both Dalson and Francois have signature projects such as a stadium and comprehensive school to name a few. As a matter of fact the bulk of the miniture projects are under the Soufriere Foundation, that is now bankrupt because of Herod. Like Chastanet they like easy goings. Which international organisation has he worked with to bring reprieve to the community ie. UNESCO ETC? WHY would I want someone to represent me who has rehired several individuals in the foundation who were terminated for theft such as Jimmy Haynes and Franklin Solomon to name a few. The two mentioned were the head leaders of the organisation, Another individual, the head cashier cannot even count. In Herod Soufriere is witnessing increase gang vilolence and the constant sounds of gun shots is as common as a cock crow. Why do you think the Youth are reacting when you have taken away the only playing field? If he had part taken in community development activities or sports when he was growing up he would known and have an understanding and appreciation for youth development and empowerment. I will even go so far to say that he is clueless as to above subject.Now Joseph can you please provide an argument of substance backed up with credible truth and not pass off fixing of path nonsense and then label this as progress when these things are everyday duties and responsibilities of councils and government. WHAT’S NEW THAT HE (Herod) HAS INITIATED THAT HAS POSITIVELY IMPACTED THE YOUTH AND BY EXTENSION THE TOWN ? Now please dont include start stop projects of Dalson.

  8. It makes no sense to tell a colour blind jackass he/she is walking on green grass because it cannot see this colour

    • Seriously, this is your retort or should I say best argument. It’s no wonder the country is in the mess that it is currently when imbeciles like yourself cannot even indulge in a civilised conversation. What does this conversation has to do with colour, everything I have stated is factual and no less. Hence, the reason that Chastanet by his own admission labelled St. Lucians as illiterates or better yet stated the truth is what you want it to be, well Joseph you are a prime and living example of the 43%.

  9. Mr Stanislaus u are right. The youth need to invest in themselves first before anything else. The people who instigate such from the youths are the ones who should be out in jail. How can u sell your child to crime? Empower the youth n they can do anything but this generation does not want to be empowered cause the TV n social media teaches something different. Sad reality is one can only do so much,it takes the individual to want n accept change.

    • What hogwash is this, please elucidate me on how the youth will invest in themselves when there are no pathways and opportunities available to do so. Don’t blame social media, its there, deal with it and stop the pathetic excuses.

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