“Mr. Prime Minister, Our People Need The Assistance!”

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has reiterated an appeal to Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre, to help cushion the impact of the cost of living increases on citizens.

The appeal followed the latest fuel hikes announced by the government.

Effective Monday, Saint Lucians began paying more for gasoline, diesel, and cooking gas.

Chastanet recalled that he had issued a weekend warning regarding the hikes.

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“They’ve allowed the cost of living to go up yet again but still haven’t announced when they will give you the promised $1500 income support,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote on his official Facebook page.

“No word on when you can expect your income tax returns or when you will no longer have to pay income tax if you earn less than $4,000. Still waiting for the removal of the $1.50 fuel tax for fishermen, the complete removal of property tax and the promised bonuses for frontline workers,” he declared.

“Mr. Prime Minister, our people need the assistance. Please hear their cries,” the Micoud South MP observed.

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  1. The truth is that no government can change what is happening in the world. Let’s read our bibles and ask god for the wisdom to understand it. Read the book of revelation. No one can stop what is happening except god and he will allow it to happen because it was written years ago that these things would come to pass. There will soon come a time when we will have the money and will not be able to buy or do anything with it. That will be the time that many of us who don’t have the faith will run to the mountain and ask the mountain to hide us. Life is not a joke and god is to be loved, obey and fear. So instead of fighting each other let us come together in love. Extend a helping hand to the less fortunate ones. Love each other, treat each other as we would like to be treated. Stop the insults. Stop getting vex with each other when they say something that we don’t like instead let us say that we don’t like it or it hurts with love. The end is near and the day will soon come when we will wish that we had more time to do thing differently. Peace and love

  2. News not interesting these days. The only thing they report on is Chas. We gonna blame all those who a silent when dear St. Lucia falls flat on its face. It will be too late for them to talk.

  3. You said it yourself ”I been traveling around the island and I see people suffering even before covid” what did you do about it? What?

  4. Let’s bring back Allen Chastanet he has a document on his desk he just needs to sign it and the prices will go down. Also we can all fly to the US no visa required. Pip can’t but Allen will.

  5. @Crow I see you holding it down with those Clowns and their White God while i tip toe thru the tulips on Park Avenue. He want the government to give what he did not leave. Some people don’t seem to understand the magnitude of what’s happening outside of St lucy

  6. When it was said that St. Lucians were among the dumbest in the world, I took objection to that. Now, I realize how true that is. St. Lucians seldom visit the doctor or the dentist, because they can’t afford the cost of the visit and the cost of the medication. Instead, they remain sick at home and die slowly. The former gov’t offered to pay for their medical expenses up to $75,000, yet they allowed convicted criminals and con artists to deceive them into voting for nothing. Only stupid and dumb people can do such a thing.

    • That all you can come up with medical expenses. The house negro will always defend his Massa. F#@k off, go tell Allen Chastanet to return the 7+ million for the vaccines we never received.

    • @King Su-ser-a that all you can come up with medical expenses. Go tell your Allen Chastanet to get us the 70 + million for the vaccines we’ve yet to receive one shot of.

  7. I am like many St.Lucians an independent voter.We determine to a large extent the outcome of each election. Don’t u SLP hacks realize we change government at each election in St Lucia . If this one does not straighten its backside it will be out

  8. I respect every person’s opinion on SLT. However some people fire insults and irrelivant comments at others instead of making intelligent unbias contributions.Mr Chastnet’s remarks need to be viewed from an impartial political perspective. He referenced promises contained in the SLP ‘s 2021 election campaign and said that our current economic crisis requiers their implementation. What’s wrong with this?SLP is rapidly becoming unpopular. Those persons should give them the same advice that the former PM stated. Otherwise, 15-2 will turn to 2-15 by their third year in office

  9. Hmm Interesting, it seems the Former PM has suddenly changed his outlook on supporting poor st.lucians. Too bad the change occurred when he was no longer the Prime Minister.

  10. Only SLT news giving this idiotic past PM airtime. Thats the only way they get news because they’re too lazy to do real journalistic work. I swear this paper is being paid by Asslen to keep him relevant. Smh. Asslen get lost old irrelevant fool.

  11. Allen, stop fooling the 43% worse than they are. Tell us your achievements for the 600 million dollars you borrowed, did you ever thought of St. Lucians when you were given away all our monies to your friends. Allen before you talk, think first.

  12. Allen “HOLE YOUR A$$!”. I do not need your help now. You had your chance and you only helped yourself and your friends!

  13. This should be ” Mr PM, my people aka [the haves] need assistance like they got over the past 5 years under my leadership”

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