Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Multiple Injuries Reported After Cruise Ship Rocked By Extreme Wind

New York Post:–  The Norwegian Cruise Line is blaming a strong, sudden gust of wind for tilting the Norwegian Escape on Sunday night, an incident reportedly responsible for injuring multiple passengers.

“Just before midnight on Sunday, March 3, Norwegian Escape encountered unexpected weather in the form of a sudden, extreme gust of wind, estimated at 100 knots, which resulted in the ship heeling to the port side,” the cruise line wrote on Twitter.

“Several injuries were reported and those guests and crew received immediate attention or are being treated by the ship’s medical staff.”

The cruise line said the ship sustained no damage during the incident.

Passengers on the Escape, however, shared reports of damage to the interior of the cabins and common areas of the ship, including “shattered glass all over” one of the passenger’s beds, and watching as furniture and fellow travelers “went flying” across the floor.

“The scariest s–t just happened on this cruise. Chairs, tables, glass, people went flying to one side of the ship,” another passenger wrote.

“Everything in our room falling and sliding … I have never been so scared in my whole life,” wrote another Facebook user, claiming that plates and glasses were smashed across the common area’s floor, and a “lotto machine fell on an old lady,” resulting in “blood everywhere.”

“Everyone was out of their rooms. Holding each other, crying, smoking,” she added.

“There’s no exaggeration on statements and pictures posted online. Ship was like at 45 degrees angle … freaked out everyone … but they said it was normal lol,” claimed a separate passenger.

Photos from inside the ship also appeared to show glass and debris all over the floor, as well as passengers rushing away from an indoor pool area.

The cruise, which originated in New York City, had been struck by the strong gust shortly into the voyage, en route to Port Canaveral, Fla., according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The cruise is expected to remain on schedule, stopping in the Bahamas before returning to New York, Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed.


  1. Sh*t happens, most times just out of the blue…when it is least expected. Par example` you can be innocently and quietly walking down the road , minding your own beeswax, unconcerned about your “surroundings ” and other peoples beeswax, and speaking metaphorically out of the beautiful blue sky, a grand piano falls on your head. Who you gonna blame ? And to think that the good book tells us that no one knows from whence commeth the tempest and whereto the vicious wind listeth (. Excerpt from John 3:7-9 ) . Perhaps our only consolation derives from the assurance that even in the face of turbulence… even in the face of trial and tribulation … Gods power and providence always prevail.

  2. Somebody forgot to check the weather forecast,there is a special channel for all boats,plus you can request weather forecast for any area you are passing throug they should have recieved advisory of strong winds,Somebody fell asleep on the bridge..

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