Multiple Victims Reported In Coolie Town Shooting

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Gunshots rang out in Coolie Town, Roseau, Sunday night, resulting in multiple injuries to several people, some of whom were ‘unresponsive’, police have confirmed.

A resident of the community who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity reported hearing rapid gunfire about 9:00 pm as a party was in progress.

“I thought it was fireworks, because at a party you expect to get fireworks,” the resident said.

“I heard people screaming, running. Some people were lying on the ground. One had a bullet wound to the mouth and leg,” the resident disclosed, adding that there were multiple ambulance responses after the shooting.

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Law enforcement officials could only immediately confirm that the shooting occurred and that some victims were unresponsive.




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Editorial Staff
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  1. In the mean time we have no national security minister and the focus is on vax mass. Mr Fragis advice your government pls

  2. Well we see the problem right here when we read the comments of Straight, Ashly and dantheman. Whether it is confinement or curfew, the fact is the government has put a measure in place to help contain a crisis and people should be cooperating for it is for the good of all. @Ashly, whether it was 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm it was after 6 pm. If everyone had cooperated with the 6pm confinement then today we would not be dealing with that situation.
    Now for the government, its true that we criticized the way the last government implemented the Emergency Act but we have to agree that it worked. Why then are you all afraid to take correct measures? Is it because you all are afraid that people say you are doing just like Chastanet? What is better, saving lives or looking good?

  3. Marigot, Coolie town and that area is fast becoming a no go area, people running scared, please stop this Dr Hilaire as its beginning to affect tourism, stop talking about improving things for visitors and put something in place to stop these shootings in your constituency, before the tourists decide not to come and we all suffer.

  4. @Vibz How could the SLP prevent this from happening?? People having a private party at their home what do you suggest a police officer is placed at every event ?? For those everlasting jackasses who keep on braying for operation retore they could not restore a damn thing in this case….these were not thugs walking on Jerami Street it’s people having a private party .

  5. Let the police and courts pursue and bring to justice the hitmen and their bosses. You know who they are. Justice for Yanna Auguste, Gobat,Cheryl Clarke,Baje, Cosol and the Vieux Fort five. This goes all the way up the ladder. If those responsible for these crimes are held to account then a majority of the crime will stop. There are too many enablers protecting them for their own selfish purposes. Clean them out, be brave and bring back peace.

  6. It is so sad.let’s hear the likes of Mary Francis. Innocent people are dying where are their rights and the rights of their families but when the police are doing their jobs and those criminals die she has so much to say. Up to now those innocent police who were doing their jobs are paying for doing a job their love to the best of their abilities. As for the police force is who you know that will help you be promoted. You can be the best policeman doing your job well you can pass the interviews with flying colors you will not be promoted unless you have a friend I. The hirachy. And the sad thing is those police officers they are promoted cannot do the job it’s the others that they bypass that have to correct their mistakes. Will there ever be justice in stlucia. God is not deaf no blind. The Slp is in power and the same procedure as the uwp. People are being promoted based on who they know. We need a foreign police commissioner that is not bias and will promote who deserves to be promoted not those who cannot do the job but buy a certificate online and be promoted to ranks they cannot do the job too. Unless we do things right in this land and do it to the honour of god we will never be at peace as a country. I sympathize with the love ones of the deceased as it may have been anyone of us. Sometimes the families of the officers doing their jobs are living in fear of the criminals out there yet the criminals goes free and the officers are being punished. I am waiting to hear from you Mary Francis. Vengeance belongs to god and we all have to one day give an account of ourselves to him be it now or in the future but it must come to pass. Peace and love my people

  7. The only way all of this will stop is to wipe out the entire OTF Gang . This is a people matter not politics not government , in fact we are the government. It does not matter the color or whose in power. All this gangs need to be wipe out, or make an example of . They are the ones killing each other, and everyone who saw them committed such crimes. Or once you live you are dead.

    They came for the DJ at he party cause he left the OTF crew. He from Bois Den Jacmel and his now dead . The other young man other two young man knows a few crime they did .

    The rest got hit cause they was their. The police need to listen and act when they get information, know one wants to work with the police, cause your identity is given away. you don’
    t know which one of them fuckers is good to trust. Plus we have a number of dirty corps in the system, who let the gangs know when they are coming . So they never gets anything , they are never get caught in the act.

  8. Innocent people are getting killed by these useless bums, bring back restore confidence. Something needs to be done. Get those bums out of society.

  9. I don’t expect crime to just disappear from the landscape of St. Lucia because of the change of administration. However, I expected to see and feel real changes. But, the more things change the more they remain the same.

    The SLP as soon as they got in power they started with greed, selfishness, corruption and victimization. Crime, the most serious issue, is being given scant attention. The bloodbath will continue because of failure to by the relevant authorities to take decisive actions.

    PM Pierre is clueless. The man is just a malleable caricature.

  10. @ sister Charlie. There is no curfew. It is confinement and that in itself is illegal so citizens can do whatever they please and cannot be charged. So the party was legal. Sorry to say

    Now SLT you have it been posting my messages…smdh

  11. At this point just put more cameras island wide more police to roam the streets at night and day…and if U need help with security level link the U.S

  12. Some things better left alone, when you profile these crimes, it justify a total breakdown of law, order and respect. We are living in a vengeance and hateful society today and no one in positions seems to sit down and study the current situation, and to find solution.

  13. Wasn’t this the same time and location where 4 years ago, a large group of hoodlums were brandishing weapons at a party?

  14. The country may need to come to terms with the fact that there may be serial killers roaming free. There seems to be multiple homicides with similar MO. Once this reality is taken seriously and considered plausible then the correct response will be decided by those with the means to act.

  15. St Lucia is paying for its hypocrisy police saying they patroled these streets but only to show off and with a government of theives calling themselves honorable we must put our trust in them all? Well St Lucia expect gangs to take over and fire dem shots for the rest of the year

    • @ the one .. what he said made sense the police here do nothing and get paid ..i had a situation i went to the police and each one i talked to gave me the run around . like they train them not to help the people that paying them…a crime was being committed and they were called .. they took 30 minutes to drive to the location which was 5 minutes walk away from the station…the police need to do more than sitting on their asses. some of you may say there are good ones but if the majority are bad good ones have no bearings

  16. Earlier that day, two bikers came under fire near the Landings Hotel after a masked gunman emerged from the nearby bush and began shooting after the bikers. On Loop news ,AA wTF am I reading here….. smph,…please handle security PI Causeway an finally water back after 4 days focus on Wasco they don’t have enough pressure to supply residents in Cap estate, yet u want to keep building. More…..………….smPH what are u doin about the youth, prayer and meditation circles.

    • Give me an example of where St. Lucian listen or ever recognized danger. If a fight break out in Castries, people run towards the fight, gun shots fire Lucians run towards the gun shot sound direction, someone pelting bottle at someone they run towards it. Not to mention we have a high degree of hate crimes here too.

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