Murder Accused Reportedly Offered Cash To Jamaica Police To Prevent Extradition To Saint Lucia

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Jamaica Observer:- Determined not to be extradited to St Lucia to answer murder and gun charges, 27-year-old Orville Purnell of Belgium Road, Buff Bay in Portland, made an offer of $3 million to police personnel and inmates at Kingston Central Police Station to assist in his escape from custody.

But that came after he forked out $50,000 to inmates who were able to convince their cronies to throw cutting implements inside the yard of the police lock-up so that he could cut his way out of the jail.

A special investigation by the Jamaica Observer has revealed that Purnell boasted, while he was in the lock-up, that he would not be extradited before he successfully escaped last Wednesday, December 1.

“First there were reports that he offered $50,000 to any inmate who could get the tools he needed to cut his way out of the cell. The money was paid and the police had information that he was planning to escape from the less-than-secure cell six on the short side of the lock-up.

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“At that point he was moved to cell nine on the more secure long side of the lock-up,” said an Observer source.

“Days later it was found that he had started cutting the ventilation grill, which is how several prisoners have escaped from police lock-ups in the past,” added the source.

Purnell was then moved to cell one, also on the long side of the lock-up, where it was assumed that it would be more difficult for him to cut the grill undetected.

“It was then suggested to the powers that be that this man should be transferred to the maximum security section of the lock-up, where there are three cells. One of those cells is housing a notorious gangster, another houses a suspected multiple murderer, but one [cell] is free.

“When that recommendation was rejected it was then suggested that he be moved to the Horizon Remand Centre, as it was clear that Purnell was determined to escape. I don’t know why all those suggestions were rejected,” added the source.

An inmate, who serves as a jailer, later reported that the key for the cell block where Purnell was being held had gone missing.

“The police knew that and no attempt was made to change the lock, and no investigation was launched to find the missing key. But there are many people who had access to that bunch of keys, including a recently convicted inmate who served as a jailer and was given a run of the place, even setting duties for police,” charged the source.

According to the source, days later Purnell was caught on camera boasting that he had “the golden key to freedom”.

“It was obvious that this man now had his escape plan, but still nothing was done. The camera shows that the day before his escape he gave away all his personal belongings, including clothes, shoes, toiletries, and snacks to fellow inmates,” alleged the source.

“The man just pull him cell and left the custody of the police with no one knowing who collected the $3 million that he had offered, or if he paid more than that,” the source said, disappointment obvious in his voice.

The police Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau is investigating the escape, while a number of police personnel have been transferred awaiting the outcome of the probe, which includes examination of CCTV footage.

Purnell was arrested in Buff Bay on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 by investigators from the police Fugitive Apprehension Team. He was held on a warrant for murder, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, and escaping custody in St Lucia in August 2020.

According to investigators, Purnell was in custody in St Lucia for the offences; however, he escaped in October 2020 and subsequently fled to Jamaica, where it is believed he had been hiding until his capture.

Purnell is of dark complexion, medium build, and approximately 180 centimetres (5 feet 11 inches) tall. He has several tattoos on both arms. At the time of his most recent escape he sported dreadlocks; however, investigators believe he may cut his locks.

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  1. Give Jack his jacket!…you have to admit he deserves an academy award….but one thing i know is that plot twist on all those who got paid as an accessory for his escape cause this guy is nothing but a magnificent fraudster with millions of genuinely looking fake US$,s…..I swear he showed me a couple in person and even me with a levelled IQ especially pertaining money,I could not immediately tell a difference whilst the guy is insistingly telling me it’s fake money then still had the audacity to show me a pic on his phone where he has fake money stack up to the ceiling of a room in a house right here in st.lucia….I bet by now the st.lucia baboneau police have realize that they’ve been given “JAB in SAC” but they can only count this as a lost….I really believed him when i witness that he didn’t take any chances with this fake US money at the Treasure Bay Casino because the money would have easily been detected through those auto machine scanners …but he would use them at other outlets…the guy is so artistic that they didn’t print no 50,s or 100,s…only 20,s and under.

  2. This is a warning to all those who helped this thug escape in SLU ! He definitely wants you out of the picture. What you gone a do now ?

  3. Like I have said, it is either this guy is well connected or well skilled. Turns out he was both. As the saying goes, there are no good cops because the good cops know who the bad cops are and do nothing about it.

  4. Meanwhile we are still waiting on the findings of the RSLPF. The possible dirty cops or accomplice is still operating without any issues. Shame on PJP, the buck stops at your desk.

  5. This was the plan he use, to escape from the Babonneau police station here. He most likely paid one of the officer to get him some tools to escape. These days it is like show me the money and the job will is done.. Still many are rewarded for their unethical behaviours with promotions. Too many dirty cops.

  6. Well well well know you all know money talk…if he was offering a million dollars or more to a cop here you think they wouldn’t take it in them hard Covid times hell yes they would take it, so I am not of the belief like some that Jamaican cops could not investigate our own, when St Lucian Cops are on the take just same they are no different for the right price

  7. The corruption is JAMAICA is beyond control. A sick society which is governed by thug elements and $$$$$. To add insult to injury clearly this murderer had assistance with his escape from St. Lucia. When will the government of St. Lucia investigate the who, why, what, where and when???????.

    Some Lucians will sell their soul and their household for $$$$$$$$$ – what they are too dumb to realize is that there is a price to pay and the murderer has the ability to come back, track back and take you and your family out for good – so very sad.

    In addition, I don’t think St. Lucia has the capacity and the professionalism to house this murderer. He clearly belongs in an underground cell.

  8. Food for thought. I thought there was some sort of investigation in St. Lisi after his breakout. In light of this new knowledge, what are we doing?

  9. This story suggests that an investigation should be launched into the Babonneau Police Station. All Officers who worked there should be investigated immediately.

  10. So one can assume that officers at the station in st.lucia was paid as well? Still awaiting the outcome of that investigation. #waitinginvain

  11. AHAAAAA investigate the police at the babonneau station right away . it seems also the police in jamaica are more corrupt than in saint lucia as well but if this guy can give away three million then he has more and also who is doing those transactions for him if the money was in deed paid?

  12. The man have a talent as a good negotiator even behind prison walls, perhaps same happen here in Lucia. Somehow this convict seems minted with cash, this is not no poor ass convict and seems to have deep connections. He might be living in civil society like Oh Really said only awaiting to commit a more horrendous crime. You see here is the thing with our dumb ass correctional system and personnel. When the US caught up with major hackers, scammers, masterminds & con artist these officers don’t normally pay these people to teach them a thing or two of how they operate in the open world hence they are able to harness more knowledge of how the newbies will act or behave then they are able top more easily identify the will be criminal, but in our system this is prohibited by all mean. Imagine a guy escape one jail in another country then manage to cross boarder both end, ended up in jail and walk out again – can anyone understand the level of skills this guy have. Some people may suggest the system shouldn’t allow it but it takes a great man with great negotiating skills to persuade people to accept his offer.

  13. Think of this if we are now knowing that money was paid to police and inmates in Jamaica .
    The question is did the same happen here?
    Lots of questions and no answers.

  14. purnell tell us which officers you paid at babonneau to help you bust out…..send the info Purnell……………………

  15. The same thing he Did in St.Lucia pay for his Release. There was so much Information in Jamaica on this Guy planning to Escape and the Corrupt Jamaican police allow him to Escape .Just as the Corrupt police Officer at the Babonnexu Police Station allow him to Walk out of the Station

  16. How can you even consider such a police force to carry investigations in our country ? They are vulnerable to bribes.

  17. People not seeing they need to put this man down, he’s going to do something way too horrific in the future and the police will come and apologize for not taking this more serious sooner.

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