Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Murder In the Dance Hall

A 24 year old man was shot dead in the wee hours of Saturday morning at a dance hall in Bruceville, Vieux Fort, police have confirmed.

A senior law enforcement official identified the deceased as Linden George.

According to the official, he sustained a single gunshot wound to the head at the Sugar Ray dance hall about 3.00 am.

George is reported to have been the DJ at the dance hall when the shooter opened fire from a back window.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Personally I, don’t support a curfew. We have to understand that a nation cannot be held captive, because of a few rogues. The police and the judiciary has to deal with them accordingly. Likewise, I’ve heard persons calling for a ban on tinted windows. I stand strongly against any move like this. Again, it begs the question question. Shall we deprive a nation of enjoying some form of comfort after having paid so much money to purchase a vehicle, just for a few low life individuals who believes that crime is all that they can do. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and deal with them. I strongly suggest that we revisit ORC, and we’ll see a drastic change in this land where we belong too.

    • Seems like you favor comfort over your personal safety. Tinted windows are providing cover for criminals. Besides, there are degrees of shade. A window can be tinted and still be transparent. They should ban tint that is opaque. In developed countries, it is the law to have a specified degree of tint and anything over specification is illegal. It’s implemented for a reason and that reason is not to force discomfort on occupants of a vehicle.

  2. SLT, what is the official homicide count for 2019? This should be public knowledge. When the police and other public entities start hiding information that should be made public corrupt practices flourish. Wild rumors spread like dry bush fires with strong winds and the populace becomes confused and distrustful. There is no good reason to sweep the crime stats under the rug. Releasing the crime statistics, people will be better informed and take the necessary measures to protect themselves. SLT, as a responsible source of news for many St. Lucians, do the right thing. Get this information from the police and get some safety tips from them as how to protect oneself. Thanks in advance.

  3. We need a paradigm shift people. When we habour them it don’t get better. It’s tough to go out and give info then the same police telling the criminals it’s you who gave the evidence.
    Criminals run free with all sorts of arms. Joe public who is trying to protect himself and family is given a tough time to own a legal piece. On the block you will hear names being called as suppliers of arms and accessories of arms. The same people who refused you a legal piece.
    It may be radical but a cleanse is in order through all levels.

  4. Kenny could not do it, now Chastanet doing it. What is the use of Hermangild as minister? Is it to blame Kenny, well he should resign.

  5. An illegal firearm should equate to nothing less than 25 yrs in prison. The crime rate will intensify next year because there are too many guns in the hands of known criminals.

  6. The Penalty for Unlicense Firearm and Ammunition is too lienent .That’s why Criminals Committ so many arm Robberies and Murder.Nothing have been Done to upgrade the penalties .Information Should be given to the Commissioner .DCP and The Acp.incharge of Crime .These persons will never repeat who gave them the Information they would give CID Instructions

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