Murder Victim Gunned Down While On Way To Buy Bread

Murder victim Curtis Christopher was on his way to buy bread Thursday morning in Morne du Don when he was gunned down, his mother Annette Christopher says.

“He left to buy bread early this morning about after six. Usually he goes to buy bread so that his brother would have breakfast before he goes to work,” the mother told St Lucia Times.

She explained that everyone knew the routine of the deceased.

“Everybody knows that he goes to buy bread after six,” she stated.

“He passed in the short cut and maybe there he was ambushed,” the mother told St Lucia Times.

Police on scene of fatal shooting

She said the rest of the family were at home when they heard about five gunshots.

“My daughter said: ‘It’s Curtis’ , because we know he was shot already,” Annette Christopher said.

She said the family’s worst fears were confirmed.

The mother told St Lucia Times she was not aware that he had problems with anyone.

“Not that I know of,” she said.

According to the mother, all the neighbours have been saying that they were not aware that he was in trouble with anybody.

The deceased worked at a restaurant in Castries.

He would have been 35 years old in September.






  1. Not aware of him being “in trouble with anybody” but once y’all heard the gunshots y’all knew it was him. Am I missing anything here?

      • Well he was on the radar target. AM sure he will not on anyone’s radar when he’s going to buy bread again am not happy about what happened to him as a human being but following bad company will always lead you astray.

    • There is always the inner senses when some thing has happened once you dread that it will happen again, based on the time he left and the time of the shots you can hope that it’s not your love one. The young man who died if a survey is done about his personality every one in the choir will be singing the same song, he was always by himself, he was a quiet guy. Instead of making the dead the murder we need to try to understand why would someone find it necessary to take a young man’s life.

  2. The crow always there to talk sh*te I agreed with DCP u sharely missing a brain u idiot he was shot doesn’t mean the he was in the wrong when he was shot u idiot sometimes the family said it’s Curtis not knowing that it was him so stop the negative talks about what went on idiot the crow and other

    • Since you know so much about him why didn’t you tell him to buy two review mirrors to see where they were coming they always the good ones when they Dead .. you can never know what they are doing late night . you’re known by the company you keep . sorry for the mother’s lost . but eventually it’s his Lost.

  3. He was not in Problems with No one .Shots Fired and the Family knew it was him .Well if so they set him up or know who’s Responsible for Shooting him .Give the police the information

  4. He could have been a witness to the previous shooting which the perpetrators thought they had killed him and he survived and they came back to tie up all knots….

    Not everything you read in the news is true ….
    He just might have been a target …

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