Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Murder Victim ‘Never Liked Violence’

Relatives of Saint Lucia’s latest murder victim, identified as Charles Ramsay, 33, have expressed bewilderment over his fatal shooting.

The victim’s sister, Kertama Ramsay, described him as a hardworking man.

She explained that the deceased said he was going to pick up his two motorcycles at the police station.

According to the sister, about half an hour after her brother left, news came that he had been killed on Broglie Street, Castries about 1.00 p.m.

Ramsay is reported to have been in the company of his brother when an assailant walked up to him and opened fire.

The Marchand resident died on the spot.

“One thing about him he would always gather us together, pray with us. He never liked violence,” the sister stated.

She recalled that the deceased was also a generous individual.

Dayna Felix, who  identified herself as the girlfriend of the brother of the deceased, declared that Chad Ramsay looked for trouble with no one.

“Chad was working to buy what he needs. He had his child to take care of and to me, they just take his life just like that,” Felix lamented.

“We asking for justice for Chad,” she said.

Felix explained that everyone was upset and touched by the killing.

“Everybody knows Chad as a good person,” she asserted.

“Chad always speaking to people. Chad always praying with the fellows in the yard. Chad coming in the morning telling them ‘Messieurs leh we pray’,” Felix recalled.

She said the family wanted justice in connection with the fatal shooting.

“I don’t think it should go just like that,” Felix declared.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded nine homicides for the year.

Just this week, Lance Camille aka “Pestro’ died after being stabbed at a bar in Anse Ger,  Micoud .

The incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning.




    • Hold ur moda stink…cuz if he wasnt prayin with us an helpin us hold our head god alone knows how urll country wulda be…rip bless i kno u with d father watchin over ur soldiers

      • How heartless can you be at a time like this that’s all you have to say.. Death is death regardless of who dies. And its a sad thing when anyone dies it doesn’t have to be your family for it to touch you

      • Keep praying my mob. God sees, God knows..just leave it all in God’s hands ..Accept my sympathy to you and any other family or friend who may be reading this

  1. Chastanet promised us safety during the election campaign. Where is it? He said Kenny could not do it but he could. Chastanet fooled Micoud people.

  2. Well what I can contribute is that. If the relatives said he was not a violent person then his death must have been mistaken identity. They must have taken him for someone else. May Christ count him in the book of Life.

  3. To all who talking bull**** he was a quiet person indeed he got killed by trying to calm down the same jackass that killed him

  4. How heartless can you be at a time like this that’s all you have to say.. Death is death regardless of who dies. And its a sad thing when anyone dies it doesn’t have to be your family for it to touch you

  5. Speaking from personal experience I dont like violence yet I have multiple cases of different acts of violence against police and citizens . People dont just act the react this is deeper than we know

  6. Who feels it knows it! what justice are you talking about? There is no justice in the land anymore! killing is for free!

  7. Known him for years and every time i saw him, he was on positive vibe, if only there were words to bring him back i know many persons would be chanting right now including me. a son to face this world without a father what a burden to bear. those who don’t know him could say what they want we that know him won’t let that negative chat ruin the respect we have for him. Rest in perfect peace and thanks for your contribution to all you have influenced positively.

  8. It’s a amazing how so many people mention God and people watching down etc. How many times did he go to church? How many of the 9 commandments was he keeping? I am sure his son is born through fornication. People why every time a young man dies violently we talking God and he watching down at us. Let’s live right and do right. Didn’t know the guy, but seriously Police have your 2 bikes. So u broke the law. The same God spoke against braking the law of the land. Hmmmm. Feel sorry for him and his family and especially his son but to those around learn from it. Always do good.

  9. Everybody has their good and bad side no one is perfect not even in church as someone text how many times he went church chupps please even the pastors and priest are doing sinful things the chad I know is a calm peaceful young man I think they mistaken chad for his brother my take

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