Murder Victim’s Mom Collapses During Funeral Service

The mother of murder victim, Kimberly Williams de Leon, collapsed during a funeral service Monday and had to be rushed to hospital while the  service continued.

Some of the persons in attendance at the church service

According to eyewitnesses, Mary Williams, who is in her sixties, collapsed in a packed Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

The mother was still hospitalised Tuesday morning, it was reported.

The deceased is said to have been her only daughter.

Kimberly Williams de Leon – deceased

Caron Tobiere, a friend of the murder victim, recalled that the funeral service was a very emotional one.

“The mood was really a sad one, even as people tried to comfort each other, everybody’s spirit was really heavy,” Tobiere told St Lucia Times.

Caron Tobiere

“Watching her mother being carried out of the church into an ambulance – that absolutely broke me yesterday,” she explained.

Kimberly Williams de Leon died from a single gunshot to the head last month at her home in Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries.

No arrests have yet been announced in the murder.

Caron Tobiere observed that Kimberly Williams de Leon had two beautiful children who are going to grow up not knowing who their mother really was.

“That is a very,very sad thing,” Tobiere lamented.

She said that she, the family and others are awaiting some sort of feedback from the police.

“We want to believe in our police and we want to have the confidence that they are actually working even while they are so silent on this. But we really need to know,” Tobiere declared.

She described Kimberly Williams de Leon’s murder as a heinous, cold blooded crime which appeared to be almost an execution of a mother in her home, a place where she should have been safe.

“Her children were in that house when that happened,” Tobiere told St Lucia Times.

Tobiere asserted that someone knows what happened.

“This is too gruesome for it to just be buried,” she said.

The friend of the deceased recalled that this country has recorded some really gruesome crimes against women.

“We really want to believe that our police are doing something and they are working. We would be happy if we could hear something from the police commissioner – from the police in general that something is being done. I think that is what everybody is waiting for.”

Kimberly Williams de Leon’s ex husband, a police officer, has been described by law enforcement officials as a ‘person of interest’ in the case.

Tobiere noted that there has been much talk about not trusting the police to investigate their own.

“Is that what is going on? We do not know,” she told St Lucia Times.

She observed that there was someone whom the police described as a ‘person of interest.’

“Now we are not even sure of what is going on,” Tobiere stated.

“I read a story in the Star newspaper that seemed to suggest that everything that came out of the police mouth at the press conference, from both the police commissioner and his deputy – O’ Brian, seemed to be totally wrong,” she said.

According to Tobiere, there are a lot of misgivings and apprehensions now as well as a lot of rumours circulating.

“It would be really good is somebody came forward to say exactly what is happening,” she told St Lucia Times.



  1. The matter is under investigation. People must be patient. I get that everyone is anxious and there is need for closure but proper investications take time. The police should not give details as this compromises the case. Every investigator wants to solve their cases. If someone saw something, say something. If a case is taking time it is because it is complexed. Give the officers a chance to do their job. They have solved cases contrary to what many have said.

    • We know what “be patient” means. We have seen this system at work. There is no evidence that anyone should trust this system of justice. I think the populace should do whatever it thinks it has to do to keep the police and the administration accountable and on the tip of their toes– and that includes continuing to speak angrily and incessantly about this case and others. We are still waiting patiently for Verlinda Joseph, Mary Radclife, the man who allegedly sexually assaulted the little boy recently, and the many who have assaulted and killed little boys and girls, women and men across the island, raped and attempted to rape women and men with impunity and continue to hold their positions while their victims cower and remain destroyed. We cannot continue to “be patient”.

      • Well said. What about the unsolved case in Fond St. Jacques Soufriere on 29th August 2001? Did the police ever do anything. NO. Up to now they have not given a report

      • The suspect in the case for the little boy you speak of was arrested. Be patient and give them time to solve this case. I do not believe justice exists because the victim has suffered and time cant be turned back to change what happened.

  2. This case is very hot,and the family hasent helped to calm people down.Its incredible that nobody has come out and said a word.But rumors and shite flying all around.

  3. As i always said nobody will be charged for that murder…the police did a good job in tampering with evedence and protecting 1 of thier own..good job on thier part…this will not be the 1st and last cover up…trust me..there are many more to come.

    • Were you there? did you see them tampering with evidence? Freedom of speech does not mean irresponsible statements should be made.

  4. Impacs is comin for you…officer..i know one day police will be prosecuted for the crimes they are committing against the people of st.lucia

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