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Updated on June 6, 2020 4:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 4:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 4:30 pm

Murder Victim’s Mom Warns Killers That Judgement Day Is Coming

“Judgement Day is coming,” the mother of Saint Lucia’s latest murder victim has warned his killers.

“The people who are out there doing those things I want to tell them that they need to stop it because life is important and families are important, so stop doing those things. Tell them judgement day is coming – God is not sleeping. He is alive and everybody who does those things, one day their time will come,”June Hutchinson Henry told St Lucia Times.

Henry recalled that someone came to her home Sunday morning about 6 O’ clock to inform her that her son, D’Andre Phillip, was dead.


“The person offered to give me a ride to the scene and when I arrived I saw him in the grass right there,” the mother told St Lucia Times.

“I saw him with his head down in the grass and his backside up in the air – that’s the position I saw him.”

Henry said she did not know at what time her son was shot.

She disclosed that she last saw the deceased Saturday night about 7.30 pm.

“He was at the house and he came and asked me for two dollars and then he left – he didn’t say where he was going,” Henry stated.

She described the deceased as having been a ‘cool’ individual whom she did not know to be in any trouble with anyone.

Henry said her son had never been arrested by the police.

“I won’t say I know everything he was doing,because when he is out there I don’t know what he is doing, but he is my son. I know him to be a good child,” the mother explained.

She said she had always heard that the Cedars area, where her son’s body was found, was a dangerous place.

Family members at scene where body was found

Henry said when she saw the body at the hospital morgue she saw at least two bullet wounds in the chest.

“I asked the police officer how many more; he said he did not know until they do the post mortem,” she told St Lucia Times.

Police said Phillip’s body was discovered Sunday morning.

Murder scene

There have been reports that gunshots were heard in the area hours before the body is reported to have been discovered.



  1. When will city pilice and marchand police …patrol marchand area….then again thats not part of castries…white people don’t leave in those areas.

  2. I want to express my most profound sympathy to the mother and all the relatives of the deceased. These untimely deaths are heart wrenching. These senseless killings must be curtailed. Two things have to happen to significantly reduce this escalating crime rate. Firstly, all citizens MUST cooperate with law enforcement by giving them the information they need to get convictions. Secondly, the government should provide the requisite leadership and the necessary training and resources to the police. Crime will never stop but it can be substantially reduced with effort, determination and the right leadership. So far, government has failed the people miserably and the population is too apathetic.

  3. Yes mother,, judgment day must come according to my God; until then, the police need you the public to come forward with any little information you have, concerning any of those crimes. People you have to trust the police, the police are your friend, you need them, they need you, together you can make this place a better place!

    • Well said Zabo! Crime is all of us business – civil society, the police and the government. Only by working closely together will progress be made in solving this difficult problem. As long as citizens continue to withhold vital information from investigators involving crime, it will continue to flourish. The more the police are verbally and physically attacked by the public, the more confident the criminals become as they think that they will never be apprehended as eyewitnesses are tight-lipped.

  4. rest in peace fam judgement day is coming God not sleeping 😭😭😭😭can’t tell my cousin to be strong but you got your family to support 😭

  5. It’s all well and good to give police information but it’s another thing for that info and ur Identity to remain unknown until then the public isn’t trusting the police

  6. I’m a resident of the community of cedars and and a hotel worker have been living there my whole life, what hurts me more is that the individuals who do such crimes isn’t from the community. I to been afraid to even walk that road cause you get followed at from the time you live Leslie land but my message to the young guys doing such crimes karma is a very powerful thing so stop killing people for things you’ll can work for.

  7. Well said Low Profile this is the key to the problem,the info you give should be totally anonimus,and your identity,should not have to be known to anybody.

    • Lucian, not every murder victim is a bad person. Stop the sarcastic remarks. Every life is sacred. As I understand it, this last victim had no brush with law enforcement. The mother and other relatives are hurting badly from this loss and you have chosen to make fun of this tragedy. Only an evil, soulless person kick people when they are emotionally traumatized and paralyzed with broken hearts. In the mother’s time of bereavement, the least we can do, is to give her some words of comfort. St. Lucia is fast becoming a very unsympathetic society where people kick you when you’re at your lowest ebb. The nation has lost its soul.

  8. Unless u are in the situation u won’t understand how it feels,so everyone just has to play their part in curbing these crimes

  9. such a devastating tragedy!!..ive worked with both this guy and his mother at one time..he was the coolest calmest most quiet indidvidual on the site on any given day!!..i never hung out with him after work, needless to say, i dont know the activities he involved with after work, but in all honesty, how i perceived it, this individual showed not tan iota of a troubled soul, nor a problem child..if anything, he radiated that he was a well grounded individual, an obedient person, who appreciated freedom, and one who knew that whatever one wants , one has to work hard for …he worked hard!!
    like i mentioned earlier, this is such a devastating tragedy…miss June, there is not much comfort in this, but accept my most profound condolences..may god give you the strength you need at such crushing time.

  10. R.I.P D,andre a young man who was obident and respectful to all his friends. They killing all the real ones, a lot were jealous of him and his attitude for work

  11. So now wee see that you all know,who were the guys that shot him.OK,lets presume those were the guys?Lets not acuse with out facts.But you are all pretty sure,of who the guys are,so what you waiting for?,get your ass to the police station and say your piece.I feel bad because he was a good guy,acording to my friends,so do something good for him help the family.Lets get rid,of these useless criminals preying on our inocent citizents.lets eradicate them from our comunities

  12. As a normal human being, I want to thank you, Desurjhun, for humanizing a decent young person who some are trying to dehumanized for no other reason than for sadistic pleasure. Let us pit ourselves in the mother’s place. Imagine you lose a son or a daughter to gun violence. Someone who was not known to police. Imagine how emotionally devastating this could be. Imagine also how it would feel for persons who don’t even know his name nor anything about his lifestyle judging him by passing the most cynical, outrageously, stinging comments him. Those who are so insensitive to the family, are hour words healing or hurting? Have a conscience, have some empathy by putting yourself in the place of this completely inconsolable mother. Mom, may the good Lord bestow many blessings on you to ease your pain. I’m really saddened by the shattering loss of your beloved child.
    Drug dealers and thieves don’t ask their parents for two dollars, they always have money.
    While you were busy judging others, you left hour closet open and a lot of skeletons cell out.

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