Murder Victim’s Sister Urges More Public Support For Cops

The sister of a man who was stabbed and later died in Choiseul five years ago, believes that too much public pressure is being brought to bear on police officers here.

Charkar Esnard told St Lucia Times  that if the police are being put under pressure when there is a murder, everybody else should be put under pressure and everybody should be speaking out.

“I know too much pressure is being put on the police and they are the first set of people we call when we need help; so  I think our policemen need some more encouragement,” Esnard asserted.

“It does not matter what the US says;  we have to stand with our police officers. They are the ones there to protect us. They lose their sleep. They are the ones we call when we are in trouble, so I believe our police officers need a lot more support from us in this country,” she told St Lucia Times.

According to Esnard, everybody believes the police have the sole responsibility for crime.

“ I do not like it when I hear so many things happening and the churches remain silent. I strongly believe that the churches, religious leaders should come out and speak. The ministers of parliament, those who are in charge of  the districts where the crimes are happening so much – please come out and speak. If those in authority come out – they could make a difference. Don’t just leave it to the police,” the Choiseul resident stated.

Esnard said it bothers her that it appears as though it is only when police officers kill a citizen, that the issue of human rights is raised.

“I mean, human rights should be in all situations where there is a murder; not just when police kill a citizen. It appears that it is just a target against police officers on this Island and this is not right,” she told St Lucia Times.

Esnard recalled that her brother, Daniel Esnard, was stabbed at a party in Choiseul on 12 February 2014.

She said  the victim was taken to the Soufriere where his wound was stitched and he was sent home.

However, Esnard said that days later, her brother had to undergo ‘massive surgery’ and died two weeks later.

“Five years after we have been going back and forth to court. Every time we go to court, the court is being adjourned and we are just awaiting a murder trial.  Five years seems like yesterday. It is still very painful and I would  like to encourage Saint Lucians – I know there are lots of  people going through the same situation. Tell them to hold on and be strong,” Esnard said.

“Some people’s situations are  worse than my brother’s because they see their loved ones die right before their eyes and I just sometimes think – how do these people even cope with these things? How do they face life?”

She expressed the view that not enough is being done to help people faced with such situations in terms of counselling services.

“I personally had to go to deliverance services to get help because the pain; the rage; the anger – everything is very much alive,” Esnard explained.

“I have been hearing what is going on with the justice system; but I just hope it is not a situation where we have waited five years and the murder trial hasn’t started and to hear that these guys are out without facing their time or whatever,” the sister of the murder victim said.

She said that justice needs to be served.

She recalled that two persons were arrested in connection with the death of Daniel Esnard.


  1. Bring back RESTORE CONFIDENCE!!!!!! I proclaim that this our little beautiful country Helen of the West, Saint Lucia, need an immediate solution to these violent spate of crimes that we have been experiencing since last years. A small country like Saint Lucia with less than 180,000 people and 238 square mile, the crime rate is very high, as compared to countries like Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Martinique etc. Its a shame and a disgrace that Citizens are now afraid for their life. Visitors aren’t safe, to a country that declares that we depend on tourism. These bold face robberies, and killings needs to stop. The Prime Minister, the National Security Minister, Police Commissioner, the Head of all security forces, need to meet to discuss ways of halting this crime situation. People need to let the police do there work and to protect the police too.

  2. In my opinion this patient should not have died, had the Doctors and Nurses on duty, examine and treated him properly, when he was seen at the Casualty Department at the Soufriere Hospital. How can a right thinking Doctor???? stitch up a stab wound to the chest then send that patient home??? He would have been referred to Victoria Hospital or St Jude Hospital, to the surgical team, for intervention, so he could have had a chest X Ray, and under water seal, cause he would have had internal bleeding etc. Poor guy he would have suffered a lot, breathing problems, in no time pleurisy, septicemia. Hope that Doctor is made to answer. I feel the families pain. Hope that soon justice would be served to the who stabbed him.

  3. This is the first and the last time that I’ll comment on Operation Restore Confidence. This police shortcut to crime reduction solves nothing. Violence begets more violence. Solving crime requires comprehensive strategic planning. It requires a well trained police force, adequate resources, highly motivated officers, community policing, swift trials, and these are but a few requirements. You cannot give law enforcement carte blanche authority to shoot or kill with impunity. Remember, there are bad and rotten apples in the bunch. Five bandits killed by the police doesn’t justified the one that they killed by mistaken identity. That one could be your mother, father, a close relative, a dear friend or even you. Operation Restore Confidence is a stop gap measure which is no substitute for bona fide crime reduction plans. Again, Operation Restore Confidence is not a panacea for solving the present crime situation in St. Lucia.

  4. This is what we in St.Lucia want please bring back capital punishment then the crime situation will stop people just kill at their own free will with no regard to life the people in power need to open their mouth we need to take back our streets the laws are there use it

  5. Yes I do agrèe with what this person has said, after reading and also being told of all the many drug cartel, in St Lucia I feel that punishment should be servere, came on St Lucians, this is your country why are you allowing this to happen,
    I was born in St Lucia but do feel a shamed of the many killings that is taking place, I would like one day to go back to my country in the near future. and even start my own business,St Lucia has became 19 on list for a no zone country for holiday destination.

  6. My dear Vibz dont feel defeated,I fully agree with your coment,But dont stop the fight dont surrender,the problem is a lack of ideas,many times the solutions are so simple,but we are all caught up in the war,when we should be fighting small battles,and eliminating the bugs one by one.Our police needs training,they need to create groups to performe special tasks,bulet vests,cameras,radios,and a lot of shooting practice.They need more police stations in certain areas,the force has to be increased by about 800 new policemen,and the most important of all they need to review salaries,for the force

  7. Hello don’t compare us to these other Islands excuse me!!!
    “Restore Confidence” cannot work if the Government of the day cannot stand with our police officers to tell Mary Francis and any international body our Police were doing their work!! and stand with them no matter what!!

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