Murdered Man Was Due To Testify In Civil Case For Killing Of Botham Jean

A key witness in the murder trial of former Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, was also due to testify in a civil case over the killing of Botham Jean, US media reports say.

Guyger was sentenced to ten years in jail for the fatal shooting of Jean, 26.

Then an off duty police officer, Guyger claimed she mistook Jean’s apartment for hers and thought he was a burglar when the shooting took place in September last year.

She was subsequently fired from her job and indicted for murder.

In a bizarre twist following her sentencing, a key witness in the murder trial, Joshua Brown, was shot dead on Friday night.

The murder prompted a buzz of social media speculation about a possible link between his death and his testimony in the high-profile  Amber Guyger case.

Lee Merritt who is the attorney for Brown and is also one of the lawyers representing the family of the late Botham Jean, was quoted by CBS News as saying that Brown would have been one of the first witnesses in a civil suit against the City of Dallas for Botham’s murder.

Merritt felt that Brown should have been protected after he testified at Guyger’s murder trial, according to CBS News in a report Monday.

“To have a key witness, suddenly be killed is suspicious. Was this related to the trial? There is no clear indication,” Merritt told CBS News’ Omar Villafranca.

Brown, Botham Jean and Amber Guyger all lived in the same apartment complex in Dallas.

But Brown’s murder happened at a different location, it was reported.

According to NBC News, Brown’s relatives told Merritt that he worried about how the publicity surrounding the Amber Guyger trial could leave him more exposed to “people who wished him harm,” and how he could be viewed as a “snitch” for cooperating with law enforcement in Guyger’s prosecution.

Brown is reported to have been shot in the foot while a friend was killed at a birthday party at a Dallas Club in recent months.

He is said to have been in fear of his life ever since, believing that the shooter would return to kill him.

Dallas police are yet to determine a motive for Brown’s murder.

No suspects have been arrested.





  1. That’s b***$h!t an they know his murder is linker same way another witness said that she got threats from one of amber guyger people saying they won’t leave no witnesses alive …..they should of expected that an to protect them people have dem to do they interview over the phone or some sh!!!t

  2. You see this right here ?? From the first day I said there was more to it. 2 days after the verdict he was gunned down in the same apartment building shot in the mouth a clear indication to send a signal . Now we learning this he was suppose to testify in the civil suit . Well serve you all right you all want to ” hug and be friends” These wicked people will stop at nothing to make sure you all don’t get a dime. Remember when the bway had just got shot what did the police department said he was sell weed they found weed in his apartment they tried to destroy his character at the get go but you all still want to “hug and forgive” all when she had the nastiest thing on her social media page to say about black people. I wonder how you all feel now jokers ?? Now its been reported she will appeal like REALLY??? Got 10yrs and might be up for parole in 5yrs some legal minds are saying it could be early as 3yrs. JOKERS !!!!

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  4. Check Gugyer’s police boy friend. The one she said she was talking to, the day she shot Botham. Not forgetting the conversation she deleted from her phone; regarding the two of them.

  5. The guy had some previous issues,with all this why was he left unprotected. Then all the hugging and kissing for what..? nice talk,that incites the extremist,wakes the wolf, I will never show mercy to my enemies.

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