‘Musa’ Says Horse Racing Is Government’s Priority

Former Minister Moses ‘Musa’ Jn Baptiste has asserted that the current Allen Chastanet administration has horse racing and not people as its priority.

He made the assertion in a post Wednesday morning on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“We must now come to the reality that when it comes to leadership for the people’s concerns, this UWP government goes to sip wine quietly, in rooms of comfort, made with doors that rebound the screams of all Saint Lucians and no one is spared,” Jn Baptiste declared.

“We must now lock hands with our fighters in our medical brigade, who are at the forefront of all possible attacks, giving them support, following their commands, building home-based battalions and fashioning fortresses based on preservation of self, family, community and homeland,” he stated.

“We must now know that our pleas to the government to put all in place and to demonstrate purposeful leadership in the matter of the Coronavirus outbreak, was not based on petty political diatribe, not based on attempts to ” cause panic”, not based on getting ” wool from the black sheep”, not based only on reporting the Health minister as ” absent” but based on the real feeling of abandonment of the people’s healthcare by this government,” the Vieux Fort North MP noted.

“And for sure, with one possible “spark” not from me or from our Party, the panic is in full force. Many understand now, that this worsening healthcare crisis, both in policy leadership and in action is bad news for all Saint Lucians and has no UWP or SLP written on it’s catastrophic effects when the “mess” hits the proverbial fan. We “all in” for true.”

“We must act as one Saint Lucia, willing to cause ” the Ministers”who are charged with our healthcare to be at work, we must call on them to focus on the frightening possibilities, God forbid, we must act together, to protect not our politics this time, but our very lives.Let us hope that this is not the real thing,” Jn Baptiste wrote.

“We we must feel now, with all their preparation for ” horses and love ” for scores of people in the strong Saint Lucian seabreeze and the absence of strong, focused and purposeful leadership in this worldwide crisis, from our Prime Minister and Minister for Health, that they care more for horseracing than for us!”



  1. If Jackass means stupid, Musa is a Jackass. He is so stupid. For someone in politic for so long he has shown that he cannot differentiate a government project from an investor’s project. Or is it a case where he strongly believe St Lucians are very stupid? I listened to him on the coronavirus situation which was equally stupid. Now this!

  2. Slaves will always remain slaves in st lucia. Negroes are too much afraid of whites in this island. Mussa is correct, Chastanet and Guy ate doing whatever ever they want for their families and the negroes support them. A great shame for negroes.

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