NADS Official Urges Implementation Of Demerit System For Errant Drivers

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The Public Relations Officer of the National Association of Driving Schools (NADS), believes implementing a demerit system for errant drivers could help reduce road accidents.

Kingson Jean explained that the driving licence demerit system has been on the law books in Saint Lucia for many years.

And he believes that with its implementation a lot of individuals would be careful how they drive on the roads, knowing that they would attract demerits for traffic offences.

“No one wants to lose their driver’s licence or have their driver’s licence suspended,” Jean told St Lucia Times.

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He feels that the implementation of the demerit system should be expedited, resulting in improved road safety.

The NADS official said he was not sure what was holding up the process.

“I think that’s a question for the Chief Transport Officer to answer,” Jean told St Lucia Times.

However, he told St Lucia Times he believes the problem lies with the courts and the Transport Department.

“If the courts find people guilty for traffic offences that information has to go to the Chief Transport Officer so she could have those points deducted from the person’s licence,” Jean stated.

“I am not so certain if the system is at Transport and they can deduct those points now,” he told St Lucia Times.

The NADS Public Relations Officer spoke against the backdrop of  concerns over a spate of road accidents that have claimed the lives of fourteen people so far this year.

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  1. I am in TOTAL agreement with all the comments on this subject.
    My only hope is that the relevant authorities take note and ACT!!
    A few years ago … one of the prominent insurance companies actually gave women drivers rewards for not being in traffic accidents, for keeping their vehicles in good condition, and for paying their licence and insurance on time. I seriously think this “REWARD” system should be reimplemented. Most men do not like being “emasculated” by women drivers!!

  2. Its sad to know that this has not been implemented–could someone state one disadvantage of having such a system other than it may require some people at transport and law enforcement to do some extra paperwork?

  3. Public servants are fast asleep: Nothing is done to make a difference for the better. They are neither proactive or reactive, just dead.

  4. if such a system is to be implemented then i believe a system where if you are a cautious and carful driver then you should be getting some sort of reward as well. it should go both ways punish you if you do bad and reward you when you do good

  5. I agree with this notion. With penalties apart from paying for damages in place, drivers will be more cautious on the roads. Accidents happen we get that, but when a driver is found guilty of being in an accident due to reckless driving he/she should be demerited and I say even add an increase fee to their licenses. If you’re going to be riskier than other drivers you should pay more to access the roads as they do. Instead of $300 for 3 years after their 1st demerit that cost can go up to $500-$600 and I guarantee you drivers and riders as well will stop a lot of the bad practices that they consistently keep.

    • That’s what insurance does. You lose your discounts in an accident. They should certainly take away driving privileges for reckless drivers. But then again we won’t have any bus drivers left.

      • Like you said the insurance companies takes away their discounts but we need to do more than take away discounts evidently. Imagine paying a full price insurance and on top of that paying a hefty increase on renewing your license as well. Word will spread quick and drivers will soon better conduct themselves while using the roads.

    • so true especially these idiots on the two wheelers that riding whole day with their hazard lights on like they own the damn road


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