Wednesday, August 10, 2022

National Consumer Association Elects New Board Of Directors

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On Wednesday 27th, July 22, at an Extra Ordinary Meeting, the National Consumer Association (NCA) successfully hosted an election to vote on its new Board of Directors.

This accomplishment is a relief to our organization members after having two unsuccessful attempts at electing a new Board in 2019.

In May of 2022, Consumer Affairs Minister, The Honorable Emma Hippolyte, made an official and public call for a more visible and active National Consumer Association. The Minister explains, ‘the NCA serves as the mouthpiece of consumers…and, its drive and membership have diminished at a crucial time.

The Minister with responsibility for Consumer Affairs also noted that the operation of St. Lucia’s National Consumer Association is mandatory to fulfil Chapter 8 of the Treaty of Chaguaramas.

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The treaty articulates that Saint Lucia, as a party to this agreement, is required to facilitate mechanisms in pursuit of Consumer Protection, Competition Law, and Policy.

Therefore, on the heels of this call to action, the new Board of the NCA is excited to usher in our wealth of knowledge, passion for consumer advocacy and protection, and expertise from all facets of society.

While we are mindful that there are pending matters to be unearthed and resolved with the utmost transparency and urgency, with the support of the public, our membership, and affiliates, we are fully confident that the novel Board of the NCA can steer it into a new direction, one in sincere service of the cause of which we serve.

Moving forward, the NCA announces that the new Board for the tenure 2022 – 2024 is as follows:

Dr. Thecla Lewis – President
Sebastien Collymore – Vice President
Sherri-Ann Aurrelien – General Secretary
Donald Popo – Treasurer
Phil Henderson – Public Relations Officer
Mario Lendor – Assistant Treasurer
Veronica Forde – Trustee
Ted Theobalds – Trustee

The NCA will be releasing subsequent correspondence on matters which have arisen and sharing its intentions and work plan with the public soon.

– Phil Henderson, Public Relations Officer, NCA

Source: National Consumer Association

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  1. This is a white elephant department bleeding the tax payer. They protect sns and others and go aft r the poor vendors to make them look revelant

  2. We need to start addressing some of the unethical issues such as Financial Fraud executed by bank staff on consumers account, that is affecting consumers in the Banking Sector .

    My cash was swindled from my account, at BOSL and they are covering up that financial Fraud which was conducted on my account, with a fraudulent cctv footage at the Bridge Street Branch castries

    I received a call to collect my debit card at BOSL, While i was at the Bank scammers fraudulently signed a withdrawal slip , and debit cash from my account ,

    I collected my debit card from the customers relations department, in an approximately 4 cm thick small white envelope and left the bank ,


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