Tuesday, January 28, 2020

National Security Minister defends police

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has defended the police in the face of a spate of gun violence in the country, including a shooting Tuesday morning at Bois D’Orange.

A man on a motor scooter was wounded when masked gunmen alighted from a white Toyota Corolla and opened fire at him before driving off.

“The police have been working assiduously,” the National Security Minister declared.

“If you listen to the press releases you would realise that only last week the police recovered about four firearms; so they have been doing some work,” Francis told reporters Tuesday.

Asked about the presence of high powered weapons on the streets and  especially in the hands of young  persons, the National Security Minister said it was a cause for concern.

“These weapons can cause a lot of destruction,” he stated.

Just recently an eighteen year old Gros Islet male was arrested and charged for possession of  a TEC 9 semi-automatic pistol.

“We need more information and once we get the information we will act,” Francis explained.

Asked what could possibly be hindering the police from getting the firearms off the streets, the minister told reporters that it would be almost  impossible to get all the firearms off the streets.

“You need to have the intelligence so that you can target individuals,” he stated.

Francis observed that Saint Lucia has a population of some 170,000 people.

He declared that the police will not be able to speak to everyone at all times.

Responding to assertions that there is need for stiffer penalties, the minister noted that although the death penalty is on the books people still commit murder.

He expressed the view that as long as people are ‘predisposed’ to committing crime they will do so.

“It is for our justice system to work as quickly as possible so that when they are caught they will be dealt with and sent to prison,” Francis observed.






  1. Mhm!! so mr minister in your opinion they will be dealt with and sent to prison to eat tax payers money.i thought you and chasnet had the solution to fight crime.you’ll will stop talking loud on political platforms behaving like saviors and not different to the others.

  2. Dealt with and send to prison….dealt with…what do you mean by that…thats why our police force ..is in this mess…..you 1st investigate then prosecute according to law…sir you really need some training like your former colleagues….only in st.lucia criminals are celebrities….with a mind set like our minister…what can you expect from he’s so called police force..

  3. This minister was a deputy commissioner of police?????!!!!! No wonder rslpf is in a mess. Is this all we could produce?

  4. How can you defend the police? How can you defend a police officer hanging up the phone on a civilian when reporting a noise complaint. How can you defend those officers routine making excuses for their incompetence?

  5. My st Lucian people I would like to ask a question that is the origin of the word BASTARD an offensive word on our Law books if your mother was not married to your father you are a BASTARD .in that case we want to know what crime is that

  6. I want to list people in all walks of life who are Bastard and let’s call the that to thy faces .or when you meet some body ask them are you a Bastard. first we must end devsion by Religon who support word like BASTARD to discriminate .then we can start reaching our young people and teach them to love them self and the everyone else.

  7. I think the time has come for the establishment of a civilian Police investigation Branch CPIB. This branch would include civilians with investigation skills working along police officers. They would include retired detectives and forensic expert working to detect crimes in this country. This branch will be under the command of the ACP Crime, The commissioner of Police and the Director of public prosecution. All members of the branch will have powers of arrest. They will investigate matters as it relates to crime and security internal and external with emphasis on déportées and returning Islamic fighters.

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