National Security Minister Says Crime Going Down

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National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has announced a reduction in crime in Saint Lucia.

“Right now we are seeing a drop in crime,” he told reporters Thursday.

Francis says a team reports every week on the status of crime in the country.

“There’s a 15.6 percent drop from 2019 and there’s a 16.6 drop from 2018, so the crime rate is going down,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner observed.

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“But we’re not satisfied. As long as there’s crime – the amount of crime that we have , we will not be satisfied,” Francis stated.

Law enforcement authorities anticipate that  there will be a spike in criminal activity during the Christmas period.

Francis expressed concern about the anticipated spike.

“Especially now with the COVID, everybody wears a mask and persons are going to use that subterfuge to create havoc,” Francis observed.

He disclosed that he has asked business places to request that people who enter bring down their masks to get a good view of who they are.

Francis also advised consumers to use credit or debit cards instead of cash.

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