Nationals of Saint Lucia, Martinique Held In Massive Drug Operation

Nine persons, including nationals of Saint Lucia and Martinique, were held in Martinique as a result of an investigation that led the seizure of drugs and weapons, local news reports say.

The announcement of the arrests was made Tuesday night by Martinique Prefect, Franck Robine, Martinique 1 Ere said.

The successful anti-drug probe was done in cooperation with law enforcement authorities in Saint Lucia and Venezuela, it was reported.

Martinique 1 ere reported that the  arrest of the nine suspects came after 10 months of investigation.

It said that a large network that engaged in trafficking drugs and arms  from Venezuela was dismantled by the Caribbean branch of the Central Office for the Suppression of Illegal Traffic in Narcotics (OCRTIS), in cooperation with Saint Lucia and Venezuela,  after a final operation last week in St. Joseph.

The publication quoted OCRTIS Head, Jean Damien Moustier, as saying that the operation resulted in an ‘exceptional’ seizure in the history of Martinique.

In addition to the 11,000 euros in cash, 130 kilos of cocaine and seized vehicles, the investigators have confiscated an ‘impressive’ amount of firearms, according to reports.

The weapons included military-style assault rifles, more than 17 automatic pistols, revolvers and 35 kilos of ammunition.

Investigators believe that the weapons were intended for resale.



  1. And people say don’t have visas for Venezuelans. Those guns and bullets that are on our streets, where do they come from. Ppl selling military government weapons for money to survive and is in the islands they coming to kill us. Sanction Venezuela, put visas until they can resolve their internal issues.

  2. The St. Lucian law enforcement authorities have the relevant information as to where and how the guns are getting into the country. No efforts should be spared to beef up security at the porous parts of the border to prevent the importation of illegal arms and ammunition. The government has been an abysmal failure on crime , healthcare and the economy. Better can and must be done. The lives of the citizens and residents are at great risk with the increasing number of illegal guns and ammunition in the hands of these young thoughtless miscreants.

  3. Why are their names hidden i guess the big guys are sopposed to be protected. If it was a small man all his family info would be published. So not right

  4. The weapons come in on boats as part of the drug haul,the cartel is here living happily ever after,money flowing into pockets,all is fine,nobody sees this ? You dont want to talk about this ? Your hunger for money has blocked your conscience and your mind,you dont see what our country is turning into? you are the facilitator you open the doors,to all this culture and you justify yourself saying that politicians do it,so its OK for you small man,you allso want houses cars,gold chains,easy ladies and cash,you feel big and you want to be respected by the people.Sorry for you,we need you dead,you broke,our social laws

  5. The time has come and it’s going to come again little by little they must get Cort. They need to publishe their names that would even the score.

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