Saturday, February 22, 2020

Natives Of Saint Lucia, 23 Other Countries Get French Citizenship

Saint Lucia was among 24 countries represented when 55 people received French citizenship at a ceremony in Martinique on Thursday.

Martinique 1ere quoted 42 year old Emilie who is originally from Saint Lucia as saying that she was moved by the occasion.

“I have no words to express what I am feeling right now. I made this choice out of love for my husband but also because I love France, I love Martinique and the kindness of Martinique,” she stated.

Of the 55 persons receiving French citizenship, 48 were adults and seven, children.

They included doctors, teachers, traders and business people and have all lived in Martinique for several years, Martinique 1ere reported.

According to the publication, 31 percent of those bestowed with citizenship are from the Caribbean.

The youngest was 20 years old and the oldest 72 years old.

In addition to Saint Lucia, Belgium, Gabon, Cameroon, Cuba, Dominica, Haiti, Syria, Vietnam, Suriname, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain, Algeria, Morocco and Madagascar were among countries represented.


  1. Smh…that’s news? Must be a slow news day. Chupse…I am a citizen of St. Lucia, Barbados and UK. Let’s all have drinks lol

  2. Perhaps Saint Lucia should start negotiations with France in the hope of becoming a new French Territory in the Caribbean. In my view things would be better in Saint Lucia if France had retained possession of Saint Lucia centuries ago. We would have better health care, security and social benefits to start with. The British were too quick to give us Independence to get rid of the burden of another colony.

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