NCOPT Affiliates Back Fare Increase Ahead Of Tuesday’s Meeting With Transport Minister

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The President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand has disclosed that most affiliated bus associations would like a hike in fares.

“The feeling on the ground is that the majority of the associations want an increase,” Ferdinand told St Lucia Times.

He spoke ahead of a meeting Tuesday with Transport Minister Stephenson King. 

The NCOPT President expects full attendance of all affiliated associations to outline their position and hear the government’s proposals.

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Ferdinand expressed that a fare increase is warranted after fourteen years.

He explained that whatever concessions bus operators have taken were to cushion commuters from a rise in the cost of public transportation.

However, he disclosed that the calculations do not add up when the bus associations consider operational costs.

As a result, he hoped the government would come up with a package, including concessions and other measures, to offset the operational costs if the administration did not favour a bus fare increase.

“But what we are seeing on the ground is the associations would want an increase and even me, being on the ground doing my regular talk with the public the majority expect an increase because they understand the situation we are operating under,” the NCOPT President told St Lucia Times.

“I have been on the road and most of the customers are asking: ‘When is the increase coming?'” Ferdinand disclosed.

“Let’s see how it turns out after Tuesday’s meeting with the Minister,” the NCOPT official stated.

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  1. You busdrivers are too wicked. and greedy. We all are affected by price hikes.Busdrivers are selfish and self conceited and they need to fix some of their old buses then come and ask for an increase. I am so tired of them always complaining . They need to stop it. Godfrey Ferdinand needs to go to rest.

  2. Let them raise it I not complaining ( just being sarcastic), you know why? Cause after covid destroyed our pockets now this Ukraine and Russia war is making the cost of living extra high, all people concerned about is when is the next fete and good time and you dot see them complaining about the costs of the drinks they buy. Hmm you will see them carnival this year but they will complain of the raise in cost on other things but they never have money

  3. When Guy Jofess was a Minister he gave them So much and Ferdinand wants more .What about Fishermen. Weed Eater owners .Taxi Drivers and persons who Drive up and Down to work everyday

  4. Increase, you bus drivers should increase your learning capacity to understand when what you’ve been asking for is feasible. During a Ukraine war, price of oil going up, which has a ripple effect on food, gas, the price of electricity etc, Covid 19 just finished causing rampage all over the world and it may not be over, you asking for an increase in Bus Fare? And some of you so greedy and insensible, you asking for a $4.00 increase for the Vieux fort Castries route so now people will pay $24.00 dollars a day , you guys are not deserving of any rahtid increase.

  5. Mr Ferdinand,you said most commuters are already asking when is the increase in bus fee? I find this hard to believe,when most commuters i have spoken to are hoping that the government never reaches this decision.Some of you bus drivers believe that you are the only ones suffering from the prices of essential goods going up,we the commuters like you have bills to pay,groceties to buy,school items and fuel to buy,and like you have to cut back on a few things,just because we can’t meet the demands of it.So stop behaving like you the bus drivers alone,are the ones suffering from the hike in the prices of these essential goods

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