Sunday, November 17, 2019

NCOPT Concerned About Sign Prohibiting Bus Entry

The National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) has expressed concern over a sign prohibiting bus access to a road near Sunbilt Limited at Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet.

Gros Islet drivers have complained that the sign is creating congestion.

NCOPT President, Godfrey Ferdinand told St Lucia Times that the authorities did not consult his organisation on the matter.

He also said he has not seen any survey that indicates that the sign is needed.

“Where that sign is put, persons living in that area will be denied public transport,” Ferdinand asserted.

He was of the opinion that instead of erecting the sign, it would have been advantageous for the authorities to implement an additional route, or include the area into an existing route.

The NCOPT President told St Lucia Times that he is very concerned that signs are being put up without consultation.

He said there needs to be more respect for the different sectors.


  1. Lol. Y’all forget the bus route is on the highway and not through corinthe? What consultation is needed for y’all to follow the agreed upon bus route. Speaking of congestion, those gros islet bus drivers just make their own bus depot by the JQ mall. More congestion.

    • well said …. these morons believe they are a law unto themselves

      what the hell qualifies a bus driver to know about traffic laws or traffic management

      Ferdinand is an idiot

  2. Mr Ferdinand. Could you please tell me the Gros Islet bus route again? Please keep me informed. Please and thanks. When you do remember I think that the words which you vomited will be eaten back up by you and then your tail will be put between your legs. Have a nice weekend Godfrey.

  3. These minibus drivers to indiscipline. They break every traffic regulation. I see nothing wrong with the decision of the authorities. The only persons creating congestions are the minibus drivers.

  4. The route is on the highway,you guys just invent any way to cut a way to reach Castries faster,your bus is full,so you just go.Police could fix this so simple,just stop them and write them a ticket.Besides these side roads cant take the traffic of all these mini buses.Soon we wont know were to stand to take a mini bus these guys mad.

    • Exactly. Ticket them. Let them feel it in their pocket. You will see how quickly this nonsense will stop. Police too lazy here.

  5. Yes!!!!!!!!!!
    They are a law unto themselves. A number of them pass through Reduit Park, damaging the road, causing congestion, endangering lives, using the area as a latrine, and cussing off each other. There is no route through Reduit Park!!!!!!!!

  6. Police should act,they can stop all this.Every time you catch an ilegal minibus doing any route or inventing his own,just sieze the vehicle,take the vehicle to a compound,charge him,and cancel his drivers license,has he complied with all the courses most of us have done in the Mourne? Course most of these minibus drivers are just drivers? take their drivers license and charge the owner of the minibus,wich might be a policeman most likely

  7. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the route for 1A restricted to the town of Gros Islet, certain off-routes (Bonne Terre, Cap Estate), Gros-Islet main road through to the John Compton Highway until the designated bus terminal along Darling Road?

    Shouldn’t the NCOPT be more concerned about the congestion and dangerous conditions created when:
    1) minibus drivers do not pull off the roads completely when unloading or offloading passengers?
    2) minibus drivers make U-Turns and other dangerous manures in the middle of the roadways?
    3) minibus drivers utilize off-route roads to avoid/bypass morning & afternoon traffic?

  8. He said residents in that area; what residents? There aren’t any houses on that road. Just bush. Smh

  9. The m plates using that road to by pass traffic but the point you brought accross mr ferdinad dont make any sence. The residents can simply come to the main road at the various bus stop and wait for the next available bus. What i think mr ferdinad should concern himself with is the persons that operate those buses they need to have a great level of customer service.

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