NCOPT Concerned Over Latest Gasoline, Diesel Price Hikes

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Saint Lucia’s National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) has expressed concern over the latest hikes in the prices for gasoline and diesel, which took effect on Monday.

The cost of gasoline increased from $3.51 to $3.95per litre or $15.95 to $17.95 per gallon, while diesel rose from $3.65 to $3.95per litre or from $16.58 to $17.95per gallon.

“How will we be able to handle that? How long will it stay like this? And if it stays like this, how can we survive?” Declared NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand.

Ferdinand noted that minibus operators expect a bus fare adjustment next month.

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But he told St Lucia Times that the NCOPT is not hearing from the authorities regarding the measure but hopes they are doing what is necessary to ensure the fare hike is in place by July 1.

In addition, the NCOPT President said the organisation hopes to have another meeting with the government to determine how to ‘ride the wave’ of fuel hikes.

“We never really anticipated that it would have been so bad. We need to to see how we both can cope. The government needs to cope – we need to cope. How do we reach a compromise?” Ferdinand explained.

A 2013 bus fare review recommended bus fare increases, and the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) agreed to its implementation.

However, Ferdinand told St Lucia Times it was not an actual fare hike.

“Common sense mathematics tells you that if you got something in 2013 and you are applying it in 2022, you are still in the negative,” he said.

Ferdinand observed that 2022 inflation is higher than in 2013.

“It’s not an increase. It’s just something to cushion what we are presently experiencing,” Ferdinand stated.

The NCOPT President also observed that the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine had put more pressure on bus operators.

“We are hoping that the Caribbean Development Bank report would give a true picture of what we really should get in 2022 because there is actually a study taking place right now,” Ferdinand disclosed.

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  1. All St. Lucians remember very well in 2016 when Chas got into power the first thing he did. That is he signed the document on his desk and up to 2021 we never paid for gas.
    Then he built 23 islands in VF. He completed St. Jude’s in no time.He didn’t borrow any money to repair all roads in st Lucia.

  2. The best anyone can do is make adjustments on their spending, because the price of everything everywhere will continue to climb and there is nothing anyone government can do about it.

  3. All is about pjp. We all know we don’t have gas the hike mr. Is looking for they don’t deserve it and yes anytime slp in power that’s when they look for raise because they don’t get a damn from the u w p pjp will do and his doing better from chas so far

    • just because you have a right to an opinion does not mean you are right with the garbage that just came out of your mouth there, if you compare what we were paying for gas from the time uwp was in power to the little time slp is in power now we were not paying nothing near that. yes the times are different but gas was still rising in the uwp reign. the difference with them is they did something about it but this administration is doing nothing about it

      • what you saying is so true cause in june 2008 during the world economic crisis under uwp the price of a barrel of oil was US$140.00 and we were paying EC$12.75 per gallon at the pump right now of june 2022 during this Russia/ukrain war and covid and other stuff under slp the price of a barrel of oil is US$122 and now we paying EC$17.95 per gallon at the pump that is a huge difference at eh pump and the price of the barrel is still less right now compared to 2008

  4. “How will we be able to handle that? How long will it stay like this? And if it stays like this, how can we survive?” ask piere that cause he that know. but it dont matter as high as the gas is people will still find time to lime far where ever the fete is, all the little boys that riding scoter whole day with no job it still going to happen. i swear every time slp in power things raising higher the last few years before elections we was not paying so much in fuel uh

  5. Yes, a concern, but also WORLD WIDE, price hikes on everything. Airfares have doubled! Food has doubled, etc.
    Lets focus on our right to WATER. Wasco has sent us by truck water 2 times, in 4 weeks,
    We need water our pipe coming at LEAST ONCE PER WEEK. We have called, reported, to Castries, Soufriere, View Fort, all we get is talk, talk , talk.
    Supervisors do not return calls, office managers fuss at you.
    If WATER IS LIFE, then we desire our share. If there is a problem in the line, then lets fix it.
    Do something, please,

    Every single day the hotels around Soufriere are getting truck loads of water delivered for our visitors. We need water too!!
    Please help.
    Combined request from citizens of Mon Jack , Belleview Choiseul

    • speaking of water i dont know if this affects other people but for the past few days the pipe has alot of pressure in it. so it seems wasco pushing out more water in the pipes and for just now you will hear you have a huge water bill cause the high pressure water tuning the meter fast

  6. Godfrey you forgot when Chas was pm you asked them to strike..I’m loving kama take that Lucian’s watch your bread the politics will send you all to political hunger..Ha ha chastnet must go ask Richard Fredrick and king for help my friend


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