NCOPT Seeking Government Help In Addressing Errors In New Bus Fares

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The National Council on Public Transportation(NCOPT) is seeking the Saint Lucia government’s assistance in addressing discrepancies in the new bus fares that went into effect recently.

NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand explained that in some instances where the fare should be $1.50, the figure on the official rate sheet is $1.75.

He said in other instances, instead of $1.75, the fare on the sheet is $2.00.

“Some of it is due to typo errors,” Ferdinand told St Lucia Times, adding that there was also a need to address some boundary issues.

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And he disclosed that the NCOPT was in the process of highlighting the errors to the Ministry of Transport to get the matter rectified.

Ferdinand explained that for some fare discrepancies, some operators would adhere to the fee before the government granted the increase.

But he said most bus operators stick to what they know is the correct fare.

“Obviously you would get some troublesome passengers that would create issues for everything and that’s why we want the government to correct it,” the NCOPT President stated.

“In some areas, very few, maybe about three to four areas we have received serious complaints. However generally the commuters and the operators are working together because some of these areas are community routes so they would know whether the fare was to go up by 25 cents or 50 cents or a dollar,” Ferdinand noted.

“On the long routes persons would be maybe a bit confused as to whether they should be paying the dollar or the 50 cents between, let’s say Castries to Vieux Fort or Castries To Soufriere. So what’s the fare for Canaries? What’s the fare for the Desruisseaux Gap coming from Castries?”

“Some of these things are what we are trying to change,” he observed.

Ferdinand revealed that the new fare structure went through the bus associations, the NCOPT, the Ministry of Transport, the Attorney General’s Office, and then to the printery.

“Somewhere along the line you could have some errors especially if one does not understand the concept of how this thing is done. We tried to reduce some of the errors, but obviously it didn’t work out,” the NCOPT President told St Lucia Times.

In addition, Ferdinand asserted that all fare adjustments have contained errors.

“It’s just that this time around there are a bit too many,” he declared.

In this regard, he appealed to the public and bus operators to work with the NCOPT while corrections were made.

“Ninety-five percent of the operators would work with the public,” he told St Lucia Times.

On the other hand, Ferdinand acknowledged that some bus operators would see the situation as an opportunity to engage in price-gouging, which would negatively impact the public transport sector.

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  1. I used the Castries-G-Islet bus today and the bus I travel on had no price list in sight. I thought the list must be displayed inside the bus. It appears to me that no one is taking the so called authorities seriously.

  2. Delays rolling out the new fares as not all bus drivers had time to print and laminate the new sheets. Government does it for them. Government does it wrong. The most simple tasks seem impossible for the government to complete.

    Roads with holes in are filled up by the government. It rains. The holes come back. Soon there will be no roads for the buses to drive on! You’ll need an offroad vehicle to get around the island.

    At least there’s a bridge being built by the government in Cul de Sac that goes from nowhere to nowhere.

    Well done government.

  3. The creation of a new monster . From town to Entrpot which is less than a mile in some area you are charged $2.00 what kind of madness is that ??

  4. and some drivers prey on innocent children arguing with children n embarrassing them when they do not have enough money . ONE TOOK 2.25 From GROS ISLET TO CCSS and she is a student

  5. Again I am confused the delay to commence with the new bus fares I assumed was to be sure everything was in place and the new prices were properly communicated to both the bus drivers and the public? Just asking because it seems like it would have been the logical thing to do 🙂

  6. Again I am confused the delay to commence with the new bus fares I assumed was to be sure everything was in place and the new prices were properly communicated to both the bus drivers and the public? Just asking because it seems like it would have been the logical thing to do 🙂

  7. It’s just the driver’s greed at play there. Yes there are numerous errors, for example I see 2 routes where there is a 25¢ difference if you are leaving as opposed to when you are returning. Some route but one is $3.25 and the return is $3.50. Choiseul route has some issues too. $4.25 to La Fargue from Vieux Fort and $4.50 to the village but drivers are just charging $4.50 from anywhere between River Doree to Reunion. River Doree, Dubriel gap and La Fargue is $4.25 not $4.50.

  8. Wow. Doesn’t seem to amaze me. The bus drivers plying the Millet/ Sarrot route even when they were notified of the error, insist on insulting passengers who are reluctant to pay the extra. The document has Tete Chemie as a community all by itself. From that area to Castries is $5 yet leaving Castries to that area is $4.50. That area to Belaire has increased by a whole dollar. Smh. Millet people need relief NCOPT ASAP. As a matter of fact because of the greedy attitude of most drivers, the public has a a document in the making to give their expectations. If it’s an industry then let it be run by a code of conduct all the way!

  9. And tell these greedy bus drivers on the route 3B that saying they going highway which is (Morne d’or/coolietown community/ roseau) that the new bus fare says that if you coming from Castries and stopping anywhere before the marigot gap that the price is $2.75 and stop charging people that stop before the highway the price of $3.25 and stop telling people to go on the Jacmel bus when yall passing the same route before reaching any of these destinations when people stopping before. Them fellas want to charge you a full price for a place you not stopping they need to sop that. Own Boss stop that. Yall vows

  10. lol yall were to fast to put the new fees into circulation just like the greedy bus drivers you all are. those new fees should have been looked over before making it official and printed. i saw some places Castries to Jacmel/bois d’inde/Morne d’or/coolietown community it is $3.25 and the same Castries to Morne d’or it has it at $3.50 there are alot of errors in those prices


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