NCOPT Supports Implementation Of Demerits For Errant Drivers

The President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, is in support of the implementation of a a system of demerits for drivers who break traffic laws.

But although the measure is said to be on the statute books, Godfrey Ferdinand believes a lack of political will has prevented its enforcement.

“There have been several recommendations about that in terms of the demerit points system – these recommendations are there, but none of the ministers have taken it seriously and to me that is why we are in the position we are in,” Ferdinand told St Lucia Times.

The NCOPT President expressed the view that having a demerit system in place will cause drivers to be more cautious because they will be reluctant to have their driving licenses suspended or revoked.

In reference specifically to minibus drivers, he declared that they would not want to take chances with their “daily bread.”

According to Ferdinand, the demerit system along with the use of breathalysers and the implementation of other measures would help reduce the carnage on the roads.

He said without enforcement, motorists will take chances.

“I have heard persons say ‘Oh well, you can go and report me – nothing will happen’ because nothing happens. It’s just a lot of talk, talk, talk. We need to stop the talk and put measures in place,” Ferdinand told St Lucia Times.

He said with regard to the demerit issue that most times it pertains to the will to implement a measure.

“Sometimes individuals are afraid that they will lose political mileageĀ  over taking strong measures. Strong measures will affect others so people – the technocrats would suggest it, but the authorities are afraid to implement it because it will go down in the history books as ‘That person is the one who did that’,” the NCOPT President observed.

But he said when road traffic measures are enforced, lives are being protected.



  1. The police would need to enforce the rules. Can you visualise any police officers in this country arresting their colleague for drunk driving when they all drink, and some of them on the job as well.

  2. I,do believe that by the implementation of the demerit point system will help curb the Carnage on our Roads.Too often, you find young driver’s, driving recklessly on our Roads,taking away lives, causing damages to properities and they go scotch free. I also, believe that they should be charged for Murder and not causing death by reckless and dangerous driving.Drivers ought to understand that a Motor Vehicle is a dangerous Weapon.The traffic laws need to be amended,and make the penalties stiffer to help control that situation.Some minibus driver’s,young driver’s below the ages of 25 are the Cheif culprits. I’ve been driving from 1989,and still have a clean record, I’m observing them almost every day on the Road,and it begs the question,whether or not they love themselves. I, encourage driver’s to take heed, and be careful on our Roads, because the life you saved may as well be yours.

  3. In countries where this system is in place, and is administered to them, this only causes these drivers to drive without a valide License, so that dose not prevent delinquency on our roads, in fact it causes more hit and run incidents, one has to Becarefull about that traffic law.

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