NCPD Condemns Attack On Mentally Unstable Man In Vieux Fort Church

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Saint Lucia’s National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has condemned an attack on a mentally unstable man in the Catholic Church at Vieux Fort after videos of the incident went viral on social media.

NCPD Public Relations Officer Kevin Jean Baptiste described the attack by ‘church goers’ as unacceptable.

“For sure this has long been an issue in our society. This degrading inhumane behavior is unacceptable. If we have such mentally unstable people freely roaming damaging properties and in some cases are a threat t to themselves and others, then our support system is clearly lacking,” Jean Baptiste stated.

“I strongly believe it is in mankind’s nature to take matters into their own hands, but as to the outcome it may end up deadly, people getting hurt and family members becoming distraught and that’s not the safest route,” he told St Lucia Times.

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And the NCPD official called for police investigation

Reports indicate that the mentally unstable man, whom people in the community know well, had defecated in the church prompting the beating as his attackers urged the terrified individual to clean up his mess.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video

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  1. Lets get this thing straight; not all Church goers are Christians. Not all who call themselves Priest are at all Christians. I am no apologist to rogues who cloak themselves with the appearance of Holiness; it is no secret today of the criminal-sexual acts of those who cloak themselves as Puritans. The Word says, not all those who says Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven; so its not surprising that – some church goers act like devils.
    I pray daily for the return of Christ to set up His Kingdom on Earth.

  2. Lucian Highgrade I hardly ever, if at all ever agreed with what you have scribbled in the comments section, but today, maybe today only you have redeemed yourself. First off, don’t ever equate all church goers as Christians. I did not see any Video, I go by what I’ve read; no doubt we had a very sick person on our hand, and what did some ‘Church goers’ did? they abused him – WOULD CHRIST DO THAT? – the Pastor of this Church should prepare a Sermon on “Love & Charity” and spread it through two weeks. There is so much about Love in the ‘Good Book’ seems some people never read the Book.

  3. First of all I would not consider the victim mentally unstable. He is an intelligent young man who just took a bad path. I know his family has tried to get him cleaned up but he goes right back into this dirty habit. Secondly his first attacker is a church goer like most of you described definitely not a Christian. If you know the roudy character then no one would be surprised by her actions. The second attacker does not even know what a church is. He is a bum that some white woman try to turn around but to no avail. This was not his place. He is nothing but a trouble maker and gets involved in matters that doesn’t concern him. He is nicknamed TERMITE so that should tell you all you need to know. I’m appauled at this blatant callous behavior but not surprised by those who perpetrated it.

  4. I have known the police to use videos to arrest people for such behaviour., will these church going hooligans be arrested? Let’s wait and see.

  5. People might not agree but people with mental problems are often being chastised and cast aside, become a talk about individual, often used the word KARMA and it sprout a different level of conversation about past generation. What they refuse to admit is that such person(s) are equally ill or lack the various nutrients or have a genetic disorder. That being said the NCDP is just an idle body or entity who only cries lack of finance, what happens when you accept this entity for the sake of trades, unionization etc? where are these hand outs being going to. Like i have said before St. Lucia are being used and manipulated as a check list country. In other words you are being given like eg. 25,000USD to sign this documents etc etc and when it comes to who really needs it, it somehow vanish into friends and family pocket. The Social Welfare is a prime example. It is just a white elephant in my opinion because some how it is only design to embrace domestic abuse for ONLY females as if Males are the devil coexist in all corners. This happen in a church? If so the persons involved should received a life sentence and spend 72hrs in a 4×4 confinement.

  6. Notice that it’s women attacking the man. A statistic on the gender of physical abuses of children would be interesting to see. I have al ays believed that women are to blame for most of our social ills.

  7. Kenny where can Jordan shit? On election day his vote is well sort after, now you will sit and not use your already bruised knees to assist the VF people. He is sick as many others roaming the streets of VF, digging thru trash cans at nights, seeking their next meal. Kenny where should Jordan shit?

    And to the so called Church Members, I’m part of that church and your actions does not represent the faith. I hope you guys seek forgiveness from Jordan and his family. Ask the Lord to forgive you as well. The church should also compensate him for the use of excessive force and the brutal beating.

    The Parish Priest as well should come out and offer a public apology on behalf of the God fearing members who doesn’t support this crime. Please Church Board employ a Custodian who can care for the church grounds. Jordan’s involuntary actions should be seen as job security for the custodian. We all clean up after birds and dogs, what’s wrong with cleaning up after a sick man and providing him with the necessary social support.

    And Kenny, please let us know where can Jordan, Arelolou and Sharon shit?

  8. let this be a message for all of you christians, just because you call yourself christain does not mean you are perfect and stop acting like you are, i am not saying to live life how you please but some of us call ourselves gods people and its like we cant do anything wrong. this type of behavior i would never expect from church folk

  9. Well what did y’all expect from “church goers”? Is either they Malpalay you,they grudge you or in this case beat you up…What did y’all expect?

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