NDP Leader Describes Queen Elizabeth As ‘A True Monarch’

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The leader of Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has described the late Queen Elizabeth 11 as a true monarch while acknowledging that the British empire had a dark in the Caribbean.

Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires made the comments in a statement Friday on the Queen’s passing.

The complete statement appears below:

I saw the Queen for the first time sitting on my father’s shoulders amongst a massive crowd in Port of Spain back in the 60s when she visited the island. 

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She rode in a convertible Rolls Royce amongst the cheering crowds. 

We made Union Jacks out of paper at school that week and waved them as she passed that day. 

I remember that my Granny and grandaunts always spoke very highly of her and as a result, I too held her in high regard. 

Her dignity, the way in which she carried herself, her commitment to her position and title, her never-ending service to her people and her country. That duty that she carried out until just a few days before her passing. A true monarch.

Although the British empire has had a dark past in relation to our history, as we Caribbean people well appreciate, some of our people are divided on the legacy of the Queen in the Caribbean. 

What we can recognize though, is that the sins of the empire had no bearing on the manner or the way in which the Queen has handled herself from her coronation to her death. 

A total professional. I personally do not subscribe to the “sins of the father” theory. 

So at this time of her passing, let us focus on the Queen her legacy and not the legacy of the empire.

We send our condolences to the people of Britain.

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  1. So true, @John Public. And I find it rather suspicious that so many island states ‘won’ their independence at around the same time. I have always said that Britain just got rid of any responsibility to these countries. There was nothing left to take. They had become more of a liability than an asset. The people from these countries were coming to England in droves. Britain did not want that responsibility. So the islands were ‘granted’ their independence. Just look at how up to this day they continue to tighten immigration laws to make it more difficult for people from the Caribbean islands who gave them so much to settle there.

  2. The queen died but I see many ppl still cannot remove that thick wax in their eyes that’s been clogging their brains for millenniums…wake up from your deep sleep and slumber you careless Ethiopians.

  3. Her loving personality? A racist and colorist being described as loving? According to Meghan Markle her grandson’s wife, she was quite concerned about the amount of melanin that might be visible in her great grandson’s skin when he was born, since his mother is mixed race. Loving? I guess mental slavery still goes further in the minds of some people than they would like to admit or are aware of. Smh.

  4. @ SCORPION: I agree 100% and I’ve always wondered why, why did The government ever went for independence; Because of their pride at the time, they tried do follow Jamaica, Trinidad and even worse Barbados. Take a look at Martinique & Guadalupe, they’re laughing at us.

  5. If she was a true leader why did St Lucia went independent? Why st Lucia did not allow the queen to rule fully like Martinique is to France?
    The type of leader you all boast yet still people suffered and are still suffering from they way these leaders designed society. Look pretty, now to me, worship me, spend the struggling people monies on lavish lifestyle. Monarchies in this era is all about lavish lifestyles, nothing more. Visit and attend ceremonies with a grin plastered on their faces wearing expensive clothing and photo op.

  6. wow of all people i would never expect this coming from you but i am sure you know why you said what you said. i am not bad talking you but i honestly thought you would have said something to the opposite of her pertaining to this dark past

    • Why ? She never apologized for her “dark past” buddy. All the time the packet of “crix” was alive, she could have made many changes. One less Devil on the earth “BRO”

    • YHOLANDA your comment says alot about you, because the general man was surely talking about how the she handled her affairs as queen and her loving personality.
      But I guess that’s too hard for you to understand.


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