Friday, September 30, 2022

Nearly 300 People In Martinique Vaccinated Against COVID-19

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Two hundred and eighty-three people in Martinique got COVID-19 vaccines as of January 7, local reports say.

And the Director of the Regional Health Agency of Martinique, Jérôme Viguier, has declared that the number will quickly increase.

According to the agency, the COVID-19 situation in Martinique is now stable.

Officials reported eight positive cases last week.

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But they said there were 88 the previous week.

Ten thousand doses of COVID-19 vaccines arrived on the French Caribbean Island on January 6.

Martinique received the vaccines one day before its vaccination campaign officially began.

Frontline workers and vulnerable people are on the priority list.

However getting the vaccine is not compulsory, the authorities say.

Media reports indicate that to date, 44 people in Martinique have died as a result of COVID-19.

Headline photo caption: Jérôme Viguier becomes the first person to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Martinique

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