NEMO Calls For Volunteers

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The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) has issued a call for volunteers, noting that its work depends on volunteerism.

Acting Director Maria Medard explained that most people think they would serve as volunteers at the NEMO Secretariat in Bisee, Castries.

But she disclosed that mostly the organisation needs volunteers in the communities to be of assistance before and after disasters and to help with community preparation and sensitisation.

“We urge persons to join their local district disaster committees. This is where most of NEMO’s work is done – in the communities for preparation and post-disaster,” Medard told St Lucia Times.

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According to the NEMO Acting Director, there’s not much to be done at the organisation’s secretariat which directs the community district disaster committees.

Regarding some people balking at the thought of becoming a NEMO volunteer due to lack of skill, Medard declared that everyone has something to contribute.

In addition, she noted that NEMO provides training throughout the year.

“Let’s say first aid, for instance, we would work with the Red Cross to train our volunteers, there’s damage assessment and needs analysis training, shelter management – we do quite a lot of training throughout the year,” the NEMO official revealed.

Medard said people who want to volunteer can contact their local disaster committee personnel who can provide application forms that would eventually be submitted to NEMO.

In addition, they can call NEMO and have the forms emailed to them or send an email to

“We would always welcome volunteers because not every volunteer is available when you need them because you have to understand that people work. Their schedules do not always allow so we do not have a quota or limit,” Medard told St Lucia Times.

The NEMO official agreed that the need for volunteers has become even more important now.

“Throughout the year we are not just looking at hurricanes. We are looking at other possibilities – fires, landslides, tsunamis, earthquakes,” Medard stated.


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  1. Volunteering is an important way to help individuals and communities in need. However, if an individual is unable to volunteer that’s ok. If your heart is not in you should not do it.

    Personally, I have volunteered with several organizations in various capacities and it was always a rewarding experience for me. Everything is not about money and getting paid- we need to pay forward and that’s where the blessing is. In addition you can also acquire skill sets which you not have had.

    Yes – we all need money to survive but acts of kindness goes a long way. I have been blest by acts of kindness and service to others. To God be the glory.

  2. All those people needs to be fired at Nemo because when they say it will rain expect sun when they say it will be sunny except heavy rain

  3. That’s the thing about these organizations here in St. Lucia they want volunteers not need. Because if they needed they would consider stipends and other valuable resources other than just training and assistance with disaster preparedness. I have volunteered with Red Cross for around 3 years did did a lot of work never received a stipend just a plate of food like its coudmain and I personally not doing coudmain. So to the director if you are trying to reach out and gather volunteers offer more than just training offer stipends and other opportunities that NEMO offered you and it is called a JOB. #borboltactics


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