NEMO Reports Property Damage, Evacuations After Heavy Rainfall

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The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) says it has received reports of property damage due to heavy weekend rainfall, resulting in the evacuation of residents whose homes were either partially damaged or totally destroyed.

“We had one instance in Bocage and one in Marigot where the home was totally destroyed and just this morning I received a call from the Ti Rocher area where there is a house that is moving due to the rainfall and landslide,” NEMO Director, Dorine Gustave, told Lissa Joseph of the National Television Network (NTN) on Monday morning.

Gustave disclosed the affected family at Bocage, Castries, cannot go back into their house since a landslide occurred at the back of the residence, forcing them to seek shelter at a neighbor.

She explained that NEMO has since assisted the evacuees with mattresses and food items and is maintaining contact with them to provide additional help.

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Meanwhile, a ‘major landslide’ at Colombette, Soufriere has made the road impassable.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has since notified members of the public that the West Coast Road through to Soufriere is closed as a result while officials work to clear the area.

Widespread flooding and landslides were also reported in various parts of Saint Lucia during the rainfall from Friday through Sunday.

But NEMO has indicated that Saint Lucia is not yet out of the woods.

“What I want persons to be aware of is that we are not through the weather system. We are still being impacted – this afternoon we are expected to be getting some rain and so we are asking persons in low lying areas, flood prone and landslide prone areas to be extra vigilant and pay attention,” NEMO Director, Dorine Gustave said.

Headline photo: Property damage at Bocage, Castries

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