Thursday, February 27, 2020

NEMO reports successful tsunami drill

Radio broadcast and a smartphone application tests were also fruitful.

Director of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), said a March 21 tsunami simulation provided the ideal opportunity for the organization to test the country’s Early Warning Systems.

The regional exercise referred to as CARIBEWAVE 2017, simulated a widespread tsunami watch and warning situation. The Dennery village, the Castries Comprehensive Secondary and the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary schools participated in the evacuation exercise.

NEMO Director Velda Joseph said the organization immediately activated the emergency protocol as part of the exercise.

“The decision was first taken to first hold a NEMAC meeting, the advisory council of NEMO, and to also activate the National Emergency Operations Centre. That meeting was held once the message was received from the Met Office. We also took the decision with the Chief Education Officer, based on the advice of the Met Office, to immediately evacuate schools in the danger zones,” she said.

The NEMO Director also expressed satisfaction with the operations of the new early warning devices which include a radio broadcast interrupt, and a smartphone application called CAP.

“The smartphone app was developed under the UNDP Early Warning Systems Project, and can be downloaded from the app store. CAP stands for common alerting protocol.”

The free CAP app can be downloaded on smart phones and requires very little space, she added.


  1. Was that drill actually a success? Natural disasters such as tsunamis usually directly inflict injuries to a large number of people. As an integral component of the drill at least eighty seriously injured persons should have been transfered to the hospital. The ability a health care system to adequately manage human casualties from a disaster is a major determinants to conclude whether a drill was successful or not.

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