Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘Never Be Surprised At What Happens In Politics’

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has indicated that there should be no surprise at what happens in politics.

Anthony spoke on Sunday at a thanksgiving mass at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Marchand, Castries.

The mass celebrated 25 years of service to their respective constituents by Dr. Anthony (Vieux Fort South) and Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre (Castries East).

“One of the things I have said to Philip and others in cabinet – for me there’s a simple rule in politics, never be surprised by what happens in politics,” Anthony asserted.

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” If you maintain that philosophy then whatever comes your way you are better able to cope with it, to understand it, to adjust to it, and to live with it,” the Vieux Fort South MP told his audience.

And he declared that despite political life’s challenges, he would not hesitate to do it all over again.

“If you asked me whether no matter the travails I have gone through, the trials and the various successes and defeats, will I do it again? The answer is ‘I would do it all over,'” Anthony declared to applause.

The Vieux Fort South MP observed that in his life of politics, he had seen glory and defeat, love and hate, compassion and greed as well as loyalty and generosity.

And he wondered why people enter politics, asserting that for him it was an ‘enduring mystery’.

“Why put our lives, families, through travails, the agony the pain. What explains it?” The former University law lecturer asked.

In this regard, Anthony declared that no matter what people think of politicians, he believes there’s a calling that they obey in the same manner as priests.

“We answer to a calling and that calling is serving our people and changing their quality of life and making a difference in their lives,” he explained.

Anthony thanked the people of his Vieux Fort South constituency and expressed appreciation for their presence at the thanksgiving mass.

He noted that the constituents have had to bear with him the pains and agony of political life, but had remained loyal through thick and thin, returning him as MP.

“It is a debt I cannot repay. That is why I will protect them jealously,” the former PM declared

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  1. This was supposed to be a celebration not a campaign but it had the hallmark of a continuous campaign. What most didn’t see was Kenny walking out on King again when he attempted the sign of peace. Even Kenny’s half-ass hug with PJP and then he snubbed all the other SLP parliamentarians including his chosen one Helaire.

  2. Time is the most powerful tool. It it must come to light one day. So before you die let people know the truth. You are fading rapidly. Anyway only the stupid Lucian will vote for yellow or red regardless of the clowns that lead. PJP effing it up so when yellow take over the red will bark like a mongrel. This is the culture it go both ways. At the end of the day you politician’s are placing us all in in situation we never barter for you all make us look like clowns in similar fashion when one know we are Lucian’s.

  3. Am I color blind? Not a piece of RED? He appears more YELLOW than RED. Sorry! Was he wearing a RED trousers? I doubt. It won’t match.

  4. The politics and governmental departments on this island fail the general public miserably. The current situation at the ghastly immigration offices is appalling. I stood in line from 6.50am this morning… my fourth attempt. The line slowly grew to about 30 or 40 people… I was 6 in line when I arrived. Doors at street level were open for people to enter and Customs staff were constantly passing the line, but at 8.20am … ten minutes before the Immigration office was due to open… an announcement was voiced to everyone in line, from the top of the stairs to say they would not be open today. What a shambles this is. What’s the matter with closing the doors at street level with a sign to explain they’re not going to open or at least put a staff member there to explain the situation. It’s just disgraceful the way these offices are not programmed to deal with and help the public in a civilised manner. This country is third world and backward because it has people in power with no leadership skills at every level. They have a job and it stops there…. no customer service, no care, no manners, no brains … no organisation skills, no tact and no diplomacy … its shocking.
    I wasn’t the only disgruntled person in that line … its damned infuriating when you spend time and money to get there, stand in line. For nothing. That’s my fourth attempt ..
    The building is awful too… stood on those dark dingy stairs… no air, no seating for the elderly or mums with small children. Disgraceful. St Lucia you must improve hugely… in terms of who you elect and in terms of staffing at governmental operations.

  5. I would still prefer you as leader compared to what’s given. That present ‘House’ needs a revamping, a tune-up, a make over, a change in structure – that is the surprise I would like to see. However Ken aprai tout, its time to let someone else try to change V/Fort. as for Marchand Tou Roug in fact the whole of Castries East, too far gone, nothing has been done since George Charles was P.M. They are all Labour, have never changed, cannot change and will not. So what to do? do what Kenken do; Go to Church, ‘Repent’ and praise the Lord.

    • …it’s not the politics has to change …it has to be the people who wants a change to the political landscape and they spoke loud and clear almost a year ago……,,,I am always quite amused by Clowns (they know themselves) who bark daily about these communities like they are the reasons behind St Lucia ill’s , they never bellows about the uneven economic playing fields that’s afforded, or the systemic loss of generational wealth. I will agree with you that poverty does breeds crime, and more should be done to uplift the economic way of life for people in these stress communities. It should start with education.

  6. Thank you Honourable one. You have been a true statesman and a wonderful politician. May God bless and guide you steps during this, the twilight of your representation.

      • I am surprised that SLP campaigned on a platform of transparency and accountability and no sooner they got into office they did the exact things they strongly opposed whilst in opposition. I am surprised that SLP used some people to get into power and as soon as the got in they turned their backs in them in favour of turncoat UWPs, friends and families. I am surprised that someone could abuse and cuss out people on social media, go to the lowest level in cussing people, be an embarassment to the SLP on numerous occasions but can score a top level position overseas representing the people of this country. If this happens I will start a petition to ensure this undeserving menace does not represent me or MY country in any such capacity because this is not what I voted for. I am surprised indeed and very disgusted by this party that I supported. I regret!

  7. Well said Kenny. That is why I am not surprised with the last administration obvious mismanagement and suspected personal savings of state funds.

  8. Why enter politics you ask? Because of the power to oppress people and get away with it. The power to extort money from the rich and the poor. The power to be act as slave masters and be seen as Gods or Kings and Queens. The way the constitution is design if one has a god fearing heart no one would enter politics.

    • The change in quality of life of a people is not the duty of politicians alone. If ti shacks is the manner of measure then when you enter those same Ti Shacks why do you have the most modern appliances? For those of you who are bent on believing that success in life is measured by the size of houses, models of cars and the places one dines, then you don’t understand the concept of life. No matter what we do there will always be Ti Shacks. Why because people like you JC are selfish and not willing to help others grow. You believe its solely the responsibility of central government.


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