Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Archdeacon: Church ought not to be involved in partisan party politics

The new Archdeacon of the Anglican Church of Saint Lucia, Christian Ezekiel Glasgow, has told reporters here that the church ought not to become involved in partisan party politics.

But at the same time, the Clergyman told reporters here that the church must be involved in politics.

‘As church,  must be able to observe and speak freely: ‘Thus says the Lord’ when it is necessary,’ Glasgow explained in response to questions from reporters.

The native of Saint Vincent stated that the church does not function in the way most people believe it ought to.

‘We can’t be jumping up and making noise at every issue. The church must deal with issues where they begin and must be able to speak truth to power where that ought to be done – not necessarily in the public,’ Glasgow, who previously served in Grenada, noted.

‘I have found, for example that in the Grenada context, we have been able to speak to leaders of political parties, we have been able to speak to the cabinet – we don’t make noise about these things, but we speak truth to them and I think that’s what is going to be very important here,’ he stated.

Glasgow declared that his main concern is not about people who may have left the church, but rather,  preaching the gospel.

He expressed the hope that as he preaches the gospel and it spreads far and wide, persons hearing it will want to become part of the Anglican communion.

The new Anglican Archdeacon said that  gospel promotion is more than putting people in the pews.

‘The church must always remember that it’s welfare is bound up in the welfare of the community where  it lives and as such, the church must have a positive impact,’ he explained.

Archdeacon Christian Ezekiel Glasgow officially takes up responsibility for the Island’s four active Anglican churches.

He will also serve as Rector for the Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Glasgow succeeds Archdeacon Randolph Evelyn who served as Rector for an unbroken  40 years from 1975 to 2015, according to an official release from the Anglican church.


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