New Border Management System To Facilitate Paperless Entry Into Saint Lucia

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by Jacques Hinkson-Compton

The upcoming electronic Saint Lucian passports will mean a reduction in the use of physical travel documents.

Immigration expert with the Saint Lucia Border Control Agency, Lucius Lake says the new passports are part of a Border Management System for Saint Lucia and aim to make travel more user friendly.

“The intent now because we have a more functioning border management control system is to continue with the new ED card solution. The ED card, in its present state, exists where passengers on arrival in Saint Lucia present that ED card to the immigration officer who cross checks the information against the passport and whatever other travel documents, and the declaration to customs. What this is intended to do is reduce the amount of paper that is used as compared to travelling to some of the first world countries, you will be able to go online in the not too distant future to complete your online ED card registration and customs declaration with a small health component into it. So it means paperless entry in terms of capturing our visitors coming in and the submissions of visitors or residents entering Saint Lucia.”

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Mr. Lucius Lake elaborated on the health component of the Border Management System.

“The system has the capability of working along with the recognized lab or institutions which grant or which can authenticate person’s COVID results. It has been done before, so it is a matter of replicating it and having it used in Saint Lucia.”

Source: Government Information Service

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  1. Part of the joys of travelling is receiving a stamp in my passport from the places I’ve visited. If people can’t see that this e-passports spell trouble then they are truly blind. Electronic means that one could be denied the right to enter or leave a country at the whim of those who control this platform. It’s e-passports now…in time to come it’s the implanted chip to travel. And why charge over $200 for a virtual document? Are people paying for the thought of a passport then?

  2. Any expert who uses words like “first world country” to explain where we need to be is NOT an expert- especially at immigration and international relations!!!!!!

  3. that good by why must it cost 250.00 to renew a passport that pretty soon we won’t be using since this new passport is going to be there?

  4. I am not convinced that this will be effective. Looking for an easy way out but May will enter into a quagmire. Viruses and hacks !

  5. oh boy oh boy…if we cant see where this is headed…then i dont know what to say again…a small health component??? let him who has understanding understand clearly…

  6. 5 year passports for born and bred St Lucian’s are sugar honey iced tea. No amount of covering up negates that fact. Stop selling us out.


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