New Jersey Couple Vanishes At Sea In Barbados

The search is on for a New Jersey couple who went missing in Barbados after renting a jet ski, news reports say.

The couple has been identified as Oscar Suarez and Magdalena Devil.

They  arrived in Barbados for a romantic getaway over the weekend.

According to reports, just days into their vacation, Suarez, 32, and Devil, 25, rented a jet ski and have not been seen since.

They were both wearing life jackets at the time when they headed out to sea.

About half an hour after they failed to return, the man who rented them the jet ski became worried and raised an alarm.

The Royal Barbados Police Force has asked members of the public with information about the whereabouts of the couple to come forward.

The two missing Americans were due back home on Saturday, it has been reported.



    This is as serious as it might be hilarious.

    The names ‘…Magdalena and Devil’ are a bad combination.

    Scripturally, we are taught of ‘…Mary Magdalena.’ We are also taught of ‘…Satan the Devil.’

    Not sure of the reasons for choosing the surname ‘Devil.’

    Know that anywhere a person traverse, ‘…land, air or sea,’ the name of the ‘…Devil,’ will always be with him/her.

    Whatever the reasons for ‘…Getting Away,’ while a person can run from humans, it appeared he/she cannot ‘…Get Away’ from the ‘…Devil.’

    Always there to get people to do the unthinkable or to ‘…Get them into Trouble.’

    And if answers are needed, can’t even ask the ‘…Devil.’

    Still too early to give up on their existence.

    Do hope that the couple ‘…Suarez and Devil,’ are found.


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