New National Symbols of St. Martin published

OFFSHORE EDITING SERVICES (OES):-“Don’t leave home without one!”   

RAMBAUD, St. Martin (July 31, 2017)—National Symbols of St. Martin – A Primer is now available at Van Dorp. The popular book about the island’s history and culture was out of stock for nearly 10 years, said Jacqueline Sample of House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

“Mrs. Carty and Mr. Chance of Van Dorp bookstore have been requesting orders of National Symbols of St. Martin for individual customers and schools for a number of years,” said Sample.

“HNP was unable to fill those orders because we had run out of copies from the second printing in 1997,” said Sample on Sunday.

“The new copies of National Symbols are from a limited print-run. I’m happy the book is here for the St. Martin people; for a new generation of students; and for interested persons in the tourism and investment sectors,” said Sample.

The third printing is just in time for university-bound students. “National Symbols is a fact-based, beautiful product of St. Martin for young people leaving home to study abroad in 2017. Don’t leave home without one!” said Sample.

From having a place of pride in some of the nation’s humblest homes to once being listed as a “Netherlands Antilles” source by the US State Department, “I think National Symbols is a trusted companion for students who’ll get homesick,” said Sample.

“It is definitely a resource for some areas of study. It is one of the exciting ways for our young men and women to introduce themselves and their island with confidence to educators, classmates, and new friends from different parts of the world,” said Sample.

“Over the years National Symbols sales helped HNP to commission its junior scholastic readers and to publish other educational and cultural titles like Yvette’s cook book and St. Martin Massive!,” said Sample.

The St. Maarten Tourist Bureau and other government departments and officials in Great Bay (Philipsburg) and Marigot have on past occasions presented National Symbols of St. Martin as a VIP or heritage gift, said Sample.

The hardcover book, with an extensive bibliography, has long been described by its publisher as: “A first and fascinating labor of love and scholarship highlighting, in text and illustrations, St. Martin’s people, history, culture and natural environment.”

National Symbols of St. Martin, edited by Lasana M. Sekou, is also available at Amazon and (


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