Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New Saint Lucia Ambassador To Taiwan Presents Credentials

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This week, Saint Lucia’s new ambassador to Taiwan, Dr. Robert Lewis, presented a copy of his letter of credentials to Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu, pledging to work to promote links between Saint Lucia and Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA), quoting a foreign ministry statement, reported that Lewis said he would dedicate his time in Taiwan to promoting people exchanges, especially in education.

Lewis, a former Castries South MP, is also a former Education Minister who succeeded Edwin Laurent as Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to Taiwan.

Laurent had served since May 2018.

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The Republic of China, the official name of Taiwan, first established diplomatic relations with Saint Lucia in 1984.

But ties were severed in 1997 and later restored in 2007.

Taiwan’s foreign minister said the relationship between Taiwan and Saint Lucia is close and amicable.

And according to his ministry’s press statement, he thanked the Caribbean ally for voicing its support for Taiwan’s participation in international organisations.

Headline photo: The new Saint Lucian ambassador to Taiwan, Robert Kennedy Lewis (left) presents a copy of his letter of credentials to Foreign Minister Joseph Wu Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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  1. Robert Lewis has literally used politics to go from rags to riches but did not even have the decency to make the effort to earn his keep.


  2. A Jonny come lately who has used the people of Castries South to advance himself, but he has the audacity to call other people selfish.

    The ultimate opportunist

  3. Least tainted? Why didn’t he stay on to run the seat? This is payment for him giving the seat up for the rover guy. How can this ever be right? How gullible can we be as a society when we endorse this? Also what qualifies the one being sent to Martinique…..someone who hasn’t held a job in forever now being planted in a position because she happens to be the side link of a big boy. The more things change the more they remain the same. Can’t believe I fell for this cabal’s lies.

    • You do realise that upon this guys entry into politics, he indicated he wouldnt have served more than two terms as a district rep? He clearly stated that he wants to give others interesting in serving the opportunity. Whether he wanted or not, he clearly stuck to his work. I cannot say he was the best education Minister as this will always be Mario Michel.

      Whether it is gutter water or not, some people do have integrity, it is rather unfortunate that politics is is pure curruption so persons may choose to stay numb of a few issues they have no control of. Unlike the sans moral Richard Frederick, this man has never spoken negatively about politics, to only return to it.

      If I have an opportunity to be put into a position to influence important and significant change which will benefit a portfolio I am passionate about, then why should I wait for a dirty person to say yes first.

      We take politics too personal, then we claim to not care about it. This is our real problem. Stop taking it too personal, and just hold everyone irrespective of side accountable.

    • Where? Yall really support nastiness. This lazy man has never performed effectively in any job and now he’s been given a prize job for giving up his seat. No wonder they say we are a low IQ people

  4. Okay, you are very correct. This gentleman is not about victimization. I worked with him at the Ministry of Education. His first order of business was to call in all the department heads and asked them to teach him what their work entailed. He listened to everyone and never looked to dismiss or demote anyone. He never passed anyone straight in the building or pretended to be above everyone. He reappointed everyone who deserved to be reappointed and never asked any board or council member to resign. He is truly an inclusive and equity promoter.

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