New Saint Lucia Bus Fares Coming In July

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According to the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), new bus fares are expected in July this year.

On Thursday NCOPT Representatives met Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Transport Minister Stephenson King for what council President Godfrey Ferdinand described as a very successful session to discuss the fare and other issues impacting public transportation.

“We appreciated that the Prime Minister took time to address some of the key issues that we have had – discipline, the bus fare, concessions and exemptions that the sector gets from the government,” Ferdinand explained.

“Out of that came the bus fare issue. I think the public is waiting to hear when it will be implemented,” the NCOPT President stated.

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He explained that there was agreement on a July deadline, ahead of which certain issues, including finalising fare boundaries.

According to Ferdinand, fare increases would be twenty-five cents, fifty cents, and one dollar depending on the route.
“The highest on some routes is one dollar and we are talking about long routes like Soufriere and Vieux Fort,” he said.

Ferdinand recalled a 2013 bus fare review that recommended the increases.

“We have asked the government to implement that because we just cannot wait for the 2022 report,” he told St Lucia Times.

The NCOPT President acknowledged that a few member associations preferred to wait.
But he noted that the majority prevailed.

Headline photo: Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Transport Minister Stephenson King meet NCOPT representatives.

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  1. The bus owners are doing us a favour. Do you think US$3.00 is a fair price to pay to travel between Vieux Fort and Castries? The government is clean out of ideas on what is needed in the Transportation sector.

  2. I hope the bus owners with old vehicles fix them and ensure the seats are in good condition before July. We want proper , well functioning buses on our roads. I hope the drivers understand that.

  3. Tbh the bus fare is not that high..I pay $1.75 to go to work and town $1.50 to go Massy, $2 for other places etc. A small increase of 25 cents to 50 cents will not hurt “most” people’s pockets.The same people complaining about the bus fare are the same ones paying 3k to jump carnival..$500 for a dress to go to a fete ..the lines at west tech always long from people ordering, the girls in the call centers and banks buying plates of food 10 – 20 bucks every day but will complain about the bus fare increase..Unless you travel long distances everyday the increase will not affect most ppl. My Dominican friend even told me compared to their country our bus fare is very low. I’m not saying I want the fare to increase but when it does I’ll try to work around it cuz other countries have far worse problems than us in st lucia

  4. People this is what you have voted for, so you have to accept the fact that whatever the Gov. does you either bark until the sun shine blue or you simple jump on the bandwagon. What one needs to realized is that this is the formula of how Government drive poverty into your bedroom. Allow the increase of everything while you bleed on a job to make a cent!

  5. Please make it mandatory for bus drivers to include a printed copy of the price list on their buses so passengers can make reference to.
    Some get angry when you ask them the fare. Others take more than they should.

  6. bus fare going up my salary not going up, they not looking at a minimum wage and property protection of works in the private sector yall just for your self

  7. Philip cares putting the people first..from the time slp got into power all what they do everything is raising..what a shame st lucia taxes party so many people out of a job

    • Exactly, that is this SLP for you. No minimum wage for the public but increases in everything. All to keep St Lucians poor while they feast on our taxes.

  8. An unserious government misleading stupid bus owners. Bus fare increases recommended in 2013 are to be applied in 2022 and the bus owners are claiming to have had a successful meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transportation Stephenson King. Are we serious? The government(s) of St.Lucia have never been interested in public transportation and the outcome of this nonsense meeting is a clear demonstration of that fact. The fare increases of 25 cents, fifty cents and one dollar for the long hauls confirms this. The committee members who broke down the dollar into four quarters are too lazy to work out the true cost of the various routes. The government(s) of St.Lucia are not interested in the establishment of a transportation system, so, rather than provide proper guidance to bus owners, the government opts to keep fare increases lower than is reasonable in the hope that their decision will deliver more votes.

  9. Aside from the increased food prices and fuel prices, I also pay income tax and NIC. Wondering if bus drivers also pay these? There should be fairness across the board. Implement the cashless system so these can be paid by bus drivers – their earnings can be monitored and these deductions made, then I’ll agree with a bus price increase

  10. If some of you can walk the short routes to your home or to your destination just do it. Especially after work or off days.
    Driving schools have announce new increases of $10 an hr in the services and have been increasing their prices regularly I realized to to reach that amount of $70. So I don’t see why bus drivers cannot get an increase of $1 or move in some cases. Gov’t need to reduced or remove some taxes on route bands and the stickers. Taxes are much too high on the citizens of this country.

  11. St lucia Times why yall not letting the comments come through once they mention the bunch of baboons running lucia? Pay the poor and disabled their money


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