Thursday, August 18, 2022

New Saint Lucia ePassport Price Confirmed At $250

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The Government of Saint Lucia has confirmed the cost of the new ePassports shall stand at the initially proposed  XCD 250.00 per passport for the period of 5 years.

The approval for the amendment of the passport fees schedule came after Cabinet met on Monday, July 11, 2022.

The official pronouncement will be followed by the passage and gazetting of a Statutory
Instrument to reflect the necessary amendments. Thereafter, the relevant amendments to the Passport Act, caption. 10.03 shall come into force.

The new ePassport schedule is as follows:

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The ePassport is at $250.00, the replacement of passport before expiry date is at $300.00, Expedited/Emergency Services remains unchanged at $50.00. Issuance of collective travel documents is at $75.00, Issuance of Certificate of Identity remains at $50.00.

Permits for each extension of residence not exceeding 30 days is at $200.00. Live Image Capture is at $10.00, and certification /endorsements is at $20.00.

Meantime, the Department of Home Affairs is working assiduously along with the Immigration Department, CBN and the Saint Lucia Border Control Agency to ensure that the ePassport goes Live on Monday, July 25, 2022.

The Government of Saint Lucia has been working with its trusted partner Canadian Bank Note Company Limited (CBN) on this over USD three-million-dollar project.

The relationship with CBN has been ongoing from 2006 since the implementation of the island’s very first passport Issuing and Control System.

The new ePassport features the latest technology in anti-counterfeit security measures,
contains a microchip that is embedded in the rear cover of the booklet and adheres to modern international travel standards.

Source: Department of Home Affairs

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Invader was so right when he sang lajan (money). Always relevant when laba in government. That one they say Chas put, they should strike it off like all the others. But nooooo. Lajan lajan lajan hold tight Lushee hold tight……..

  2. Since after our father died,we are in great anguish of the heart 💔😢
    They violate the labour code and hand over the employees to foreigners and become their footstool.

  3. All the time Chas raping us you’ll quiet, what has the new PM done that is so worst than what the former PM was doing? Waiting for response.

  4. There are many questions than answers, while french countries, with all their social aid paying only thirty 💶 euros for the same so called Bio met… passeport, while St Lucians has to pay 💲300?
    Accept the truth is spoken,let us look to God and plead with the Almighty,may be he will rose on our behalf.
    If we fall away,let us be brought back to repentance,deceive and deceiver boths belongs to him.

  5. Those who adore the gods made by man’s hand and are gods for themselves :
    Bring in your gods to tell us what is of what is going to happen.
    Tells us what the future holds so we may know that you and them are gods.
    Which one of us will listen to this and pay close attention in time to come ?
    You have seen many things, but paid no attention ❗
    Why do we say,O nations and complain,O Israël 🇱🇨 ians ?
    The LORD is the EVERLASTING GOD, the Creator of the ends of the earth.
    He will not grow weary or tired ;he gives gives strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak.
    Even youth grows tired and weary and young man stumble and fall.
    But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings of the wicked ;they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not faint ❗

    The truth is found only in the Word of GOD. Since no man knows the future (who)can tell the things to come ?
    Those who depend (rely) there is no doubt about it, knows the time the day and right procedures of the things to be taken place in the world ‼️

  6. 4 weeks trying to renew my passport for an August trip and o have been turned away by that stinky hot, heartless and malmess immigration dept. I waiting for yol to tell me I have to pay expedited when I have been trying for weeks. I need a good lawyer to plead my case against the government of saint of Lucia.

  7. Why is the E passport only valid for five years?? Is it a way of making more money. ?? Passport in most countries are usually valid for ten years.

  8. But Virginia said that they were not the ones who came up with that price. However it was approved under her cabinet so what does she have to say. Oh yes she said it, that if the government had to charge the amount it cost to make one passport it would have been a lot higher. Don’t know if these politicians listen to themselves when they try to take us for fools. Let it be clear you can fool a lot of people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

    • Exactly. All projects the found in progress, they stopped. They even stopped the damn hospital. Now they want to claim they cannot stop other things. I already sharpening my pitchfork for the time the people revolt on these vile politicians. 9 meals between civilisation and anarchy. Don’t forget that.

  9. I bet you if SLP had done the initial fee proposal it would be higher than $250. Knowing them they introductory fees are usually ridiculous high.

  10. Y’all eh learning. The Sri Lankans just show the world what happens to politicians when they keep ignoring the people they supposed to serve. The Dutch farmers right not in the midst of protests. The Italian PM was just forced out. Nation by nation the people rising against y’all lying thieving politicians. Keep being smug over here.

    • Re your comments! Unfortunately the people don’t Read and also don’t follow the news like we do..I think the st.lucians should be on the streets demonstrating for a better Saint Lucia…

      • yes uh and the thing saint lucains also lack is togetherness. you can see in the case of Sri Lanka everybody protesting and nobody doing soucer but here it will just be a few protesting and more doing soucer. Same way you in the bank and the line is long and only two tellers and only one or two person making noise asking for supervisor or manger if they not seeing to do something, everybody else quiet


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