New Special Reserve Officers To Help Boost Citizen Security

Press Release:- The Government of Saint Lucia has placed citizen safety high on its medium term development agenda as it seeks to reduce serious crimes by 45 percent by the year 2022.

Part of the approach is to improve policing by increasing the number of officers.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet, on Sep. 20, addressed the graduating class of special reserve officers. He said that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has responded positively to the changes.

“The standards of the facility were poor, the amount of equipment was inadequate, and the court system almost seemed like it was against us rather than with us,” he said.

“My government has made every effort to increase the amount of resources that the police have. Today, you are evidence of that next step in recognizing that we need to have more officers in the streets.”

It is intended that the 40 new special reserve officers will be assigned to key areas in Castries, Micoud, Vieux Fort and Soufriere.

Commandant of the Police Academy, Lesenta Desir Dolor, welcomed the graduating class.

“Today is an important day for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and Saint Lucia by extension because you have added to the number of officers patrolling the streets of Saint Lucia,” she said. “On behalf of the RSLPF I welcome all of you to the commencement exercise of the special reserve police course.”

The training exercise lasted for three weeks.


  1. I think they would do well to get in the gym and try to get into some shape.
    Easy on the bread, the fries and the breadfruit.

  2. We need a lot more,there has to be a active police force of around 1.800 men,not counting the practically need two policemen for every block in the city,then you need more patrol vehicles driving around.We all know were the bad boys live and hang around,were they gather,and mostly who they are.Create more police atations in critical road crossings,to catch all those evading the police chase,and to look out for stolen vehicles.Putting band aids on a deep cut dosent stop the bleeding

  3. It will take much more that that to boost citizen’s secuity; because we have a police force that don’t have the materials to carry out investigations to bring these criminals to justice, no laws for police protection, polive can’t touch a criminal, so more and more criminals are being breed in lucia land. DON4T TOUCH MY BOYS, one minister of justice once cried!r

    • Dude are you serious? The laws haven’t changed yet criminals were kept in line back when police were serious and leadership existed. When was the last time you saw a ghetto get raided? Those operations were successful if getting guns off the streets and keeping criminals on their toes.

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