New Tool To Help Reduce OECS Food Imports

Press Release:-  Spurring domestic agricultural production to meet local and international demand while reducing the region’s food import bill is the focus of a powerful new data tool recently presented to agricultural decision makers at the OECS Commission.

The ‘OECS Trade Vista for Food and Agriculture’ portal was presented by Dr. Patrick Antoine, Special Adviser to the Director General  (IICA) Inter American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture.

In a first for the region, the portal can rapidly provide on-demand trade and other related data through a single electronic platform which allows for targeted interventions within the food and agriculture sector.

OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules said the intention is to utilize the trade portal to show all products imported, exported and trade occurring inter-regionally to not only have an empirical basis for making sound trade decisions but to engage in associated negotiations.

“We expect the portal will also help advance policy and member state trade negotiating positions.

“The OECS is grateful for the assistance provided by IICA and our partners for enhancing agricultural production within the regional grouping,” said Dr. Jules.


  1. Slowly Hidrophonics will take over,it may be a bit expensive to get started,but then its a walk in the park you can have it any were and its clean no earth no mess.You grow your own vegetables,in your balcony with hardly any work

  2. This is good news we need to reduce the cost of food as it’s becoming out of hand for everybody. What does $100 get you in the supermarket these days not much at all…

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