New Trump Immigration Plan To Be Unveiled

Quoting senior administration officials, NBC News has reported that President Donald Trump will roll out a two-pronged immigration proposal on Thursday that would make sweeping changes to the legal immigration system.

According to the news channel,  the administration officials say the proposal includes requiring a civics test and enhance border security.

The plan, which Trump is expected to announce during an afternoon speech, avoids some of the most hot-button immigration issues of the day — including a growing backlog of asylum-seekers and the status of so-called Dreamers — and is almost certainly doomed on Capitol Hill, NBC News said.

It reported that the proposal would put new requirements on immigrants seeking to enter the U.S.

“In addition to mandated checks like a health screening and background check, immigrants would be required to pass a civics test. They would then receive points based on age, English proficiency, offer of employment and education levels,” according to NBC.

Other news reports quote senior administration officials as saying that the proposed system mirrors the point-based system of countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

According to the reports, the plan would favour those immigrants who are exceptional students, those with “extraordinary talent” and people who work in professional and specialised vocations.