Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Uber-Like Service For Saint Lucia

Press Release:–  PayCab, a mobile application that merges growing transportation demands with evolving technology, is now available in Saint Lucia.

The app, which is already available for download in the Apple iOS and Google Play Stores, delivers first-world services like Uber to the island.

Initially introduced in Antigua in 2018, PayCab has evolved folds over matching over 6000 passengers with nearly 1000 drivers monthly, allowing passengers to move around at their convenience and drivers to earn a second income using their vehicles.

Unlike seemingly similar services that have surfaced recently, PayCab boasts unmatched security for both passenger and driver.

And while the platform is opened for registration of any qualified licensed and suitably insured driver, the app’s developers have taken considerable steps to ensure that strict eligibility guidelines are adhered to.

Operating under the Firm Hashtag Limited, PayCab has moved to also partner with registered taxi operators from the north to the south of the island, reaching thousands of trained and seasoned providers and allowing for seamless linkages with passengers.

Like Uber, PayCab uses amazingly accurate Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that matches passengers with service providers based on their geolocation, thereby ensuring that the fastest possible pickup time is achieved. And what is more, passengers can use debit or credit cards, allowing for cashless transactions and added security.

Services providers are notified of a transfer the instant it is requested. Passengers can see a litter of online PayCab-registered vehicles closest to their location before confirming their request. This allows the passenger to properly prepare themselves for pickup based on the active GPS movement of their driver and the time estimate provided within the app.

Passengers will also receive a full description of the vehicle, complete with its registration number and the name of their driver before he or she arrives. This feature is one of utmost importance to the app’s developers, especially in cases where parents may use the service to ensure the safe transfer of their precious cargo.

PayCab goes further to deliver real time tracking to both drivers and users, keeping the parties on track and providing an added layer of security particularly in instances where the passenger might be uncertain of their precise destination or an unfamiliar route, or in instances where the individual who booked the transfer is expecting the passenger.

“We have taken a lot of time to properly develop the application in order to ensure that the best possible service is delivered. While we operated the app in Antigua, we used that time to listen to our clients and further enhance the app – ensuring that both safety and security concerns were properly addressed,” said Director of Hashtag Limited, Alex Holder.

“No expenses were spared in experiencing firsthand the quality and reliability of the Uber service. So, we are confident that as we finally launch in St. Lucia, we are offering a service that is on par with both local and visitor expectations,” the Hashtag Director added.

PayCab was developed by Sherwin Jupiter who is known for a number of groundbreaking releases in the mobile application arena across the Caribbean including Pointe FM, Misfitz, Mealoop, Caribbean Chronicle, Nice FM, and the Antigua Carnival App to name a few.

“Technology is growing so rapidly and it was only in developing this particular application that I realized how much we are missing out on when it comes to practicality and usability of applications and mobile phones. Having the power to get from one place to the next with just a few taps is empowering for both the rider and the driver. We are very pleased to bring this self-hosted app to St. Lucia and we look forward to seeing it grow here as much as it has in Antigua,” Jupiter said.

Version 2 of PayCab is poised for release later in July which allows for large corporations known to move employees frequently to take advantage of a service outside of renting a car or a sole service provider. 

In Antigua, PayCab allows tourists and residents to go a step further in renting their own vehicles through the app in a manner that even lets them inspect and choose their vehicles before confirming. The vehicle is then delivered to the client with no cash-exchange required. As PayCab grows in St. Lucia, this service will also be available.

And as the continues to develop, algorithms are currently being created to allow for a luxury transfer options – providing that extra level of service for those who might need to arrive to that special destination in class.

PayCab is available for download today with its systems populating rapidly in St. Lucia. And as the Carnival season continues, it is seen as an ample time for passengers revelers to forgo the hassle of a designated driver and simply have fun on their own schedule.


  1. Vehicle insurance coverage in st Lucia is tied to the vehicle use, what arrangements have been made to ensure proper coverage for private vehicles?

  2. It will able to track the driver GPS movement.! Hmm.. Who else will be able to track the driver? With all that crime nowadays !! Sorry, i’m a bit skeptical.

  3. No way I would sit in any body’s car on this island. Is the driver drunk, where is he going to take me, rob me.
    Government schould not allow this if they want to improve the reputation of the security of the island.
    Not everything works everywhere, must consider circumstances.

    • Wait till yours breaks down, you’ll see. And when that of all whom you know personally fail likewise. If this country was likened to a moving car, then it wouldn’t have stopped for you….stranger.

    • Do you have any clue what Uber is? ?
      I guess you dont
      Please learn about Uber service before talking ignorantly.

  4. Another way to set up organized crimes.
    Even walking in Rodney Bay is not safe for tourists… Organized crime there every night watching.

  5. Why is everyone only thinking about the negative? what about the positive aspects? More jobs for locals, more competition in the transportation sector lowering prices! So being so negative my fellows lucians

    • Same thing I was thinking. Let the system be developed and evolve to suit. Lucians naturally a fight down to anything progressive. Even the news article says descriptions and all information on the driver is readily available.

      The effort to improve the transportation system is applauded and welcomed.

    • This is not a fight down. It is a legitimate concern that will likely derail this business. It works in bigger countries because criminals know they will likely be caught. That is the deterrent. Those jokers in Royal St. Lucia Police Farce can’t even catch a damn cold.

      • So that means nothing innovative should be tried in this country ? We should keep doing the same things over and over again?

  6. Oh well ! More interesting things are happening we are getting another golf course up north on top of the 2 we have up there right now ( yes we have two already) aren’t we all just happy yipeee.

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